Written by maxwelltan

12 Dec 2007

So now it was time for the main event of the evening, some serious arse fucking. We decided that the best plan for everyone to get the most out of this was for Mike & I to take a turn at fucking each other before John had a go with his big one in both of our arses the other element being safe sex all the way for all. I got on all fours on the bed spread my legs so Mike could kneel in between them, put my head down on the bed & reached round with both hands & pulled my arse cheeks apart. I felt Mike get behind me & he laid his erect penis in the crack of my arse & rubbed it long the length back & forth a few times before he started to dribble lube onto my puckered hole covering his cock at the same time, he rose above me the angle of his cock changing till just the tip was pushing at my anus then he leant forward & slid into me slowly each time getting a little more in till I felt his balls touching mine. Mike shifted his balance, put his hands on my hips, & started to fuck his dick in & out of me slowly at first & building up over the next few minutes till we were gasping for breath & John stood next to us wanking away & telling Mike to fuck me harder, faster, to bugger me, shag me, fuck me like the anal slut I was. I had started to groan with each thrust as Mike drove home & John decided to keep me quiet by lying on the bed & shoving his cock into my open mouth. Mike changed his rythymn, slowing suddenly he gave 4 massive thrusts each one rocking my whole body forward & forcing Johns cock further in to my mouth & on the last stroke he held me close so he remained buried in me up to the hilt & I could feel his body jerking as he pumped his cum into me. The tension left us as Mike pulled his drooping cock out & peeled the cum filled condom off to throw in the toilet but John stopped him saying he had a use for it later on & put it on the bedside cabinet. We sat for a couple of minutes to get our breath back & to discuss what had turned us on best in it Mike & I liked the whole thing John said his best bit was when he was behind us & as Mike fucked me, my cock with its skin pulled all the way back & the head swollen & purple swung back & forth in time to the grunts & groans of us fucking.

Next up was me fucking Mike & I wanted him on his back with his legs over my shoulders so I could see his face as I fucked his arse. Mike lay down on the bed whilst I rolled a condom on & added some lube I was getting on the bed cock in hand when John suggested a slight variation, if Mike lay at the edge of the bed & he John knelt at his head & put Mikes legs under his arms like wrestlers do then i would have a clear shot at his arse & it worked like a charm as I could the side of the bed & rock back & forward I squirted some lube onto his bumhole & rubbed it in with the head of my cock & then holding the shaft I pushed just the head into him & asked if he was comfortable he nodded (he couldn\'t say anything as he had a faceful of cock & this time I noticed that John hadn\'t forced it Mike had grabbed it himself & was sucking it like a thirsty man in the sun) I pushed an inch or two in & started to fuck him slowly & when he was used to it say after 10 or 12 strokes I\'d slid in another inch until the wole shaft was sliding smoothly in & out his cock which had been limp when I started became erect the more cock I fucked into him. When he was used to me I braced myself with one hand on his leg & I pulled completely out & held the shaft with the tip just at but not touching his bumhole, there was a seconds pause and as his head began to turn to see what was wrong I rammed back into him with the full length till my balls hit him & back out again waited till his sphinter had closed & forced it open again as I pushed home again & again. Mike was moaning now with every fuck but he seemed to like it as he didn\'t stop me, finally on an in stroke I changed again to just pulling back a little & going at it like a dogs jerk on a bitch short, fast, & furious, I knew i couldn\'t last long & didn\'t feeling the spunk shoot out in seconds but i kept on fucking till I stopped cumming slowing down to a stop & all I could hear was Mike moaning softly & my gasping breathing for a few seconds till John said \"well guys you\'ve had your fun now it\'s my time for some fucking action!!\"