Written by john42

6 Dec 2010

I had to go up to Leeds a few days ago,got there far too early with 2 hours to spare. So off to the sauna,the ideal place to enjoy oneself on a cold wet day! First port of call was the steam room. 3 guys in there so of cause I sat between two who were stroking their towel covered cocks and undid my own towel to expose my already thickening cock (well I did have less than 2 hrs)! I am dark ,hairy and blessed with a thick uncut 8" cock which I started to stroke. Within moments the 2 guys moved closer ,I happily let them both reach over and take over bringing me to full length.

The 3rd guy came through the steam knelt between my spread legs and proceeded to work most of my cock down his throat,gagging and gasping as he near choked on my straining cock The other 2 had to let go of me ,one turned his attention to my nipples,the other stoking and pressing the slavering head further on to my now thrusting cock.

The door opened and two more guys came in ,they walked over and stood watching as the three went to town on me. A hand had now slipped under my sweat soaked bum and a finger was probing my anus. Other than relaxing I couldnt really do anything to help this invasion ,welcome as it was!

the newcomers closed in now openly wanking as I looked at them dying to blow them but at that moment no way of reaching them,they solved that problem to some extent by climbing onto the bench and leaning over the 2 seated guys. I was now the centre of interest of 5 men,bliss !!

I was now being sucked,deeply finger fucked,stroked and nipple chewed with 2 fat cocks wanking furiously above my gasping face. I simply couldnt hold on any longer YES YES I grunted as I allowed my spunk to fill his mouth,my orgasm triggered the two obove me and their cocks splattered thick jets of come onto my upturned face ,someones hand slid onto the spunk massaging it all over befor slipping come wet fingers into my mouth!

As I walked to the shower area I got some interesting looks!!After that wonderfull episode I still had another hour to kill!

Off to Feuterventura after Christmas so I hope for some adventures in the dunes ,any advice/stories?