Written by Focus_75

19 Oct 2017

Recently returned from a business trip, sat alone at the bar and got chatting to an American guy also on his own.

After sinking a lot of beer and whiskey we seemed to be hitting it off like old friends. Felt his knee against mine and thought what the hell and left mine against his, took the plunge and gently brushed my hand against his leg to test the water and he just gave me a knowing smile, raised eyebrows and that look.

Abit later on he asked if we were on the same wave length and I looked at his crotch and said yeah I think so, before I knew it we were in his room, stripped and in the double shower soaping each other up, snogging and feeling each other up.

We moved to the bed where we explored each other, more wanking, sucking and exploring each other, arse play and rimming.

I really was in heaven, he had a thick circumcised cock which he gently fucked me with.

Afterwards I gave him a slow and sensual massage and before I knew it morning was upon us and he had drifted off to sleep.

An amazing evening exploring my bi side which has given me the hunger for more. 2 married guys away on business who just got on with abit of horny man on man fun.