Written by Flying Guy

8 Jan 2012

Even though it ranks amongst the most erotic experiences I have ever known, it didn’t start well!! It was a muggy day and I’d forgotten my oyster card, I was queuing for an underground ticket and running out of time. Hot and sweaty, and not in a good way, I was getting more and more frustrated by the slow moving line and the 5 desk ticket office with only one person serving. Another “where are you?” text and I reply that I’m stuck in a ticket queue.

But 10 minutes later, I was at the front door of my favourite buddy, who answered in a dressing gown that fell to the floor the moment the door was closed. We kissed deeply as I fondled is already hard cock which felt warm hard, smooth, familiar and horny. I however was stinky and sweaty. I must have looked it because he asked if I wanted a shower and I gratefully jumped on the idea.

As he pulled away I noticed my new friend, I knew of him, we’d chatted on line a few times but – we’d never met. And there he was naked on a sofa, gently playing with his cock. Stupidly I suddenly felt a little shy but my friend was already half way up the stairs saying he’d get me a towel.

I followed him into the bathroom and put the towel I was given over the nearest rail, kissed him again and sank slowly to my knees. This may be a threesome but, just for a moment, I wanted him all to myself. Pausing only to nibble each of his nipples in turn I knelt in font of him and took hold of his throbbing penis. It looks amazing and I used the tip of my tongue to lick delicately around the head before I greedily took it into my mouth. God his cock always tastes so good and I love the feeling of it probing my mouth I run my tongue over his gloriously smooth gland. He stroked my head as I sucked and then I stood, letting it pop from my mouth, a quick peck as I kissed him again, pushing my tongue deep into his mouth and then I quickly pulled off my clothes and dived into the shower he’d turned on for me.

It was a very quick shower, no sensual washing for me, this was all about getting clean and comfy for some great sex.

I didn’t even wait to dry myself, dripping from the shower with the towel in my hands I went down stairs and saw them both wanking each other. I stood in front and watched a little as I towelled myself and leaned in to kiss my buddy again. He used his free hand to hold my cock and leaned forward and with agonising gentleness, slowly took my own growing member deep into his mouth.

All I could do was watch. Before Brian pulled away, stood up and invited us both to go up the stairs. For the first time I was able to look at the new guy, George was in good shape, around my age give or take and sporting a very impressive erection.

They lay side by side on the bed and gripped each other in a heavy snogging session so, I knelt on the edge of the bed and bent over to suck hard and deep on Brian’s oh so inviting cock. I hear a gentle moan. I slowly reached out to George’s leg and worked my fingertips up his inner thigh until I was stroking his balls and then gripping the base of his penis – a good 8 inches I reckon. I slowly wanked one cock while I lovingly sucked another. Meanwhile mine, was growing almost non-stop. I felt Brian’s hand (he was the only one who could reach) exploring between my legs, cupping my balls, stroking my dick and finger tipping my anus. I adjusted my position as I sucked to widen my legs to give him a little more access, because I I love a good fingering and, the sensation of my arse being gently stroked drives me absolutely wild.

To give Brian better reach I leaned further forward and for the first time took George’s glistening head in my mouth while wanking him gently from the base. He was obviously so caught up in his snog with Brian that he hadn’t been aware of what I was doing – I heard a gratifying “oh god” as he realised his cock was in my mouth. Meanwhile I was enjoying a very gentle stroke of Brian’s fantastic member that responded to my gentle touch by getting even harder.

Suddenly, Brian stood and walked behind me to the edge of the bed leaving me on all fours to enjoy sucking on George’s responsive cock, was now slimy with my saliva and his own precum, the salty mix was intoxicating.

Then I could feel Brian stroking my back, gently teasing his fingertips from my shoulders down to my buttocks and back again, all the while I was sucking harder and deeper on George’s delightful cock. Then Brian tightened his grip and I felt my own dick surge in anticipation – my arse cheeks were being gently pulled apart. Brian knows what turns me on and being watched intimately at close quarters really does, I knew that as he exposed my anus he was watching it, wanting it. With agonising delicacy I could feel his fingers barely touching my eager hole – my muscles must have twitched because without warning I felt a lubed finger probe in deeply and then pull out again – I came up involuntarily, gasping because it felt so good. Then the real teasing began – again it’s something that sends me wild, and Brian knew it. His tongue traced delicate circles around my arse, flicking on and off and gradually, oh so gradually he applied more and more pressure as his tongue got closer to the hole itself rather than just teasing the sensitive ring around it until I could feel my arsehole being penetrated by his tongue.

I was enjoying it too much to concentrate on sucking George but I had replaced my mouth with my hand and was wanking him through the full length of his shaft which he seemed to be enjoying, when I pulled my hand all the way up I enjoyed looking down to see his cock close to my face with a nice pool of pre-cum in the little well created by his foreskin bunched up over the tip..

As I was being given the rimming of my life I bobbed down and dipped my tongue into the inviting pool of fluid and lapped it up before slowly drawing my hand down to the base of his cock again and lowering my head to take the exposed and shiny helmet back into my mouth, he gasped a little as I did, and then with a tongue in my arse and a cock in my mouth I concentrated wholly on the head for a few minutes as I wanked the base of his shaft very hard indeed – At this point, I don’t know who but one of them slid the palm of a hand over my own head allowing it to slide around my gland, lubricated with my own pre-cum – that made me shudder completely – I thought for a second it would make me shoot my load instantly but I managed to hold on. But as the convulsion made me arch my back it also had the unintended result of pulling my arse away from the tongue it was enjoying and my mouth away from the cock it was sucking. Though the hand continued, gently, to stroke my head.

That’s when I could sense Brian standing behind me – I knew what was coming and I wanted it badly. A sudden sensation of cold as a handful of gel was rubbed into my arse, I could feel a finger pushed in, then two then, another handful of gel is fingered in and around my hole. Then I could feel it – the tip of his cock is resting against my anus and I brace myself he pushes, it is glorious!! My arse is being filled with cock but wait- it catches, I tell him to hold on, take a deep breath adjust my angle just a little and then I am able to relax – he withdraws a little and then pushes all the way, suddenly I feel his balls slapping against mine and he is fucking me. He keeps his strokes gentle and slow as he pulls all the way out, or so it feels, and then back in again.

I am being fucked. A man’s cock is again pushing into my arse for the first time in a couple of months and I absolutely love it. As I relax into the sensation I again lower my head and start to suck Georges raging hard on again, this time I fuck his cock with my lips and tongue, matching my pace to the slow pounding that I am being treated to. It slowly dawns on my that this is a double first for me. First spit roast which I have always wanted to experience, but it’s also the fist time I had enjoyed a gay fuck doggie style. In my previous one on one encounters with Brian he’s always fucked me on my back – which I love of course. To lay back and look up with my legs splayed as a lovely hard cock eases in is a great feeling – but this too, a new sensation, was also pretty fucking horny!

As Brian’s cock speeds up, so do I. I stroke George’s balls as I suck, I finger his arse a little then back to his balls, I can hear him groaning as I would be if my mouth wasn’t busy. I kind of am, but it’s muffled by the mouthful of hot meat.

Then as Brian’s cock reaches a furious tempo I can feel George start to twitch – Now I have to give him his due here, he showed great control and did stop himself from coming completely but not before I had been given a lovely warm spurt of come in my mouth – at first I was sure he was coming fully but I soon knew he’d managed to pull it back and under control, shame because I would have loved more of a mouthful at that moment, but good because it meant it would last a little longer. Still one good burst of man juice in my mouth was nice!

I reckon he thought he wouldn’t be able to keep it in if I kept sucking him because he gently eased me off his penis so I had to be content with going back to a gentle wank. That wasn’t too demanding though because I was still being given a fantastic fucking. I adjusted my weight to get my legs a little further apart. And pushed myself backwards onto the cock that was making me feel so good.

Now, George looked at me and started stroking my leg and then managed to trace his hand all the way to my cock. He gripped me hard and started wanking me, getting me back because this time he was matching his pace to Brian, who was now pounding my arse like a jack hammer.

I let go of George’s cock, I needed both my arms to support myself – this was amazing – I had just been spit roast – a fantasy come true at last – and I could still taste come in my mouth, I was being wanked, and fucked. This was true heaven.

I called out now for them to slow down, but they didn’t, I’m sure I heard one of them snigger! Then eventually they slowed a little for me, I looked down, between my legs I could just see the edge of brains balls as he continued to fuck me, his legs tight together behind my own bouncing cock that was being gripped hard and wanked for all it was worth.

The build was slow and almost painful but wonderful nonetheless, somewhere deep inside, arse began to spasm a little, it spread through me. I could feel my toes tingle, my legs and knees felt weak my balls started to tingle as well. I knew I was about to come, and there was nothing I could do about it.

The guys knew too. Because they resumed their harder efforts of before, it went on forever, It can’t possibly have been the case but from my view it looked as though a continuous white jet of my spunk was shooting from my cock, in front of my face and some of it hitting George’s hips I must have made a lot of noise because one of them “shushed” a little but not that seriously. It was the longest lasting and most intense orgasm I’ve known for a while, a very long while!

I reached down when I was spent and pulled the hand from my cock and enjoyed one last agonisingly ecstatic thrust of the cock into my arse which seemed to force the very last glob of come from my now withering cock. I pulled forward and collapsed.

Only now did I realise that I was positively burning, the second time I had been bathed in sweat that day, I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t have the energy to do anything other than gasp and pant as I watched the two of them fuck.

Wow! I had always wanted a gay threesome and – boy was it worth the wait.