Written by Scotslut

1 Aug 2008

I was down at the local hotspot again yesterday and although it was quiet I was determined to get some cock to taste.The woods wer a bit quiet apart from one guy making it obvious what he wanted, so not being shy and thinking it might be the only cock fun I would get that day I went over and we fondled each other. I took my cock out and began wanking but god when he did the same I could not make a decent enough excuse up to get out of there so just stopped and left without a word. Cock should look good enough to eat but his was definitely the opposite, I wont go into detail but lets say it turned out to be a great move because as I left 2 other guys were walking into the woods and after the usual signs we all went to an open clearing surrounded only by tall grass. I watched and wanked as these 2 sucked, fingered and rimmed each other then when beckoned to join in I gorged feavourishly on both of their stiff shining erections. They were so into this whole session that we moved into fucking position with one guy sitting on top of the other and me guiding the firm wet pole of the guy underneath into the tight behhing hole of the other. As they started to slowly fuck I moved down an began licking both cock and bum at the same time. It did not take long before they both shot hot creamy spunk and melted into the grass in ecstasy. After a few minutes they repaid the favour as one got up to his knees and sucked me off till I was ready to come and as I started to shoot he moved off and aimed my raging dick over the the other guys face and chest. It felt fantastic and even more so as two cyclists passed by as I was shooting my warm juice over the naked body of a horny guy. I will be lookin for more fun like that tomorrow, lets hope its as warm so I can get totally naked again