Written by Hans-Lars

31 Oct 2017

Ive been bi curious for a while , ive touched and wanked a few cocks but not alot , watched a lot of bi and gay porn , plenty of wanking and solo arse play . Weve known our neighbour for years last week a friend of his ( Garry ) was helping (Bob ) out , Bob asked me if he could borrow my van to drop some furnature off at a friends flat , i said no problem , 20 mins later he knocked on my door saying he to go somewhere else in his car could i drop the furnature off and could i drop Garry off.

Garry said he would give me a hand , no problem just 3 journeys to and from the van job was done , Bob phoned Garry to say he had more bits to say there because we had the only keys he said he would be no more than an hour , we put the kettle on and a bit naughty had a skeg at the guys stuff , Garry put his TV on , couldnt get a signal but there was a load of DVDs , all the normal stuff then there were a couple of DVDs marked up XXX , it was porn , hardcore , but the next video was a mixture , lesbians and Bi , girls licking girls , guys sucking guys , Garry said look at the size of that cock , im not shy but it was getting me hard , after about 5 mins of male sucking , my cock was getting abit uncomfortable in my pants and Garry could see that he stopped the video and put everything back as before , came over to me said , great video i do like s bit of cock now and again how about you , i said its been a while , he said Bob will never know , weve got 30 mins how about a bit of fun , weve got the keys so no one can walk in , while i was thinking Garry moved in and put his hand on my bulge, he then kissed me full mouth i returned the kiss i moved my hands to his cock , he felt bigger than mine , i undid his jeans and he did the same to me , we stopped kissing and we pulled our pants and undies down , garry had a good sized cock , i rubbed his shaft and balls his hands were on my cock , we were kissing and he stopped and said i want to suck you , do you fancy a 69 , we couldnt get on the floor quick enough , i was on my back , garry on top he took my cock in his mouth in one , i followed suit licking his knob end and getting his shaft in my mouth , i was sucking deep i gave his arse a good slap garry was slurping away , he said finger my arse , i put 2 fingers in easy , then without telling me he started cuming , i choked , it went everywhere , i had to get up his spunk was stinging my eyes , i went to the bathroom to sort myself out , then garry said bob will be here in 5 mins , he said dont fuck about unload into my mouth i want your spunk , i started wanking , he said i want your spunk in my mouth , he cupped my balls , i said open your mouth then i unloaded into his mouth , he took it all , cleaned my cock up and with a thank you and a pat on the arse we got dressed as if nothing had happened , we buzzed bob in as he was coming up the stair garry said get my number off bob .....keep in touch ........

Bob arrived and said i hope you have been good , i smiled .......if only he knew