Written by Happygay

18 Mar 2013

A few days ago I went to a gay sauna in east London for the first time. I have been to other saunas many times but the experience has usually been disappointing with not much activity other than watching and wanking.

This was different! There was sex happening in the dark rooms and the lit areas. I lay face down on a bed in a 'public' area with condoms and lube alongside me. In only a couple of minutes I felt hands caressing my arse so I put my hands down and spread my cheeks exposing my hole. The guy put on a condom and lubed my arse and his cock. He then entered me and gave me a good fucking. After he finished and left me I realised that we had an audience when I immediately had another guy feeling me. He then fucked me and he was followed by a third. Three great fucks in the course of half an hour or so!! I also gave a couple of guys blowjobs. and had some fun in the dry sauna and the large jacuzzi. After I dressed I had coffee and a sandwich in the excellent cafe area (where you get condoms and lube free).

I will certainly be returning for more fun and giving the other places a miss. This seventy year old now feels fifty!