16 Jan 2017

So, we're in a flat in Bolton, two guys in our wife's panties and an eighteen year old student, all very horny.

Paul has had his shower and is sat in just a towel and we start to talk about the afternoon ahead, as Paul wasn't supposed to be here it felt a bit awkward to be honest but very sexy too. He suggested we all got naked while he made us all a brew but please leave the panties on as he had met Arthur before while he had them on and liked it.

Pauls cock was uncut, long and thin and fully shaved, mine was about five and a half inches but thick and Arthur bless him was uncut and flaccid. We all stood and stroked each others cocks which got me leaking through the lace which Paul knelt down and licked off and started sucking my cock, heaven. Arthur was next as he was leaking like a tap so two old guys were being sucked off by a young lad and having their rose holes fingered with a slippy pre cum lubed finger, what's not to like?

I laid on my back and got into a 69 with Paul while Arthur rimmed his arse with his tongue and fingers, I wasn't going to last long I'll tell you. Pauls cock was great, very youthful and with it being long and thin it made it seem very young.

I couldn't help it, I shot my load and it was a bit embarrassing to be the first after quite a short time but it felt fantastic being in a 'new' mouth, mmmmm, he licked me clean. Arthur said 'what about me'? So I swapped Paul for Arthur while Paul rubbered up and lubed Arthur's rose hole I sucked his cock, he tensed up as Paul entered him but soon relaxed as it became more comfortable, Paul got into his rhythm and as he did so Arthur rocked backwards and forwards in my mouth, I loved it.

Arthur was licking my cock and balls and I was getting a bit hard again when he said he was going to cum, oh it was quite a mouthful and I swallowed as much as I could, Paul was next and hammered into Arthur's arse like a jack hammer and filled the rubber, he took it off and I licked his cock clean.

Wow, what a first time threesome that was and totally unexpected! Brew time and a bit of R&R, I don't think this afternoon was over yet.