Written by Jimmy

6 Mar 2009

I was 20 years old and did,nt have a clue,I liked wanking but never had sex with somebody else.I was somehow drawn to public toilets,I would read the writings on the wall and sometimes wank myself off.Then one day I went in one,somebody had stuck pictures of naked men all over the wall,they all had erections,some wanking each other and some sucking on the other chaps cock.I found it so sexy I just sat there wanking.

At first I was,nt aware that there was somebody in the next cubicle then I heard a cough,there was a small hole in the wall,I realised I was being watched.I was a little shocked at first and put my hands over my erect cock to hide it.A note came through the hole,I could,nt resist it I reached for it,thats a lovely cock you,ve got do you want me to play with it,I could,nt believe it.

Another note came through,look through the hole it said,you,ll like what you see.I was trembling but somehow could,nt stop myself.I looked through.I could see his naked chest as my eyes moved down I could see he was completely naked his hand moving up and down on his erect cock,I just watched him realising I was wanking myself,I suppose I was hooked.

His eye came to the hole looking straight into mine,I pulled away.For some strange reason I wanted him to see me wanking,I stood facing him and wanked,even that did,nt seem enough I started to take my clothes off,I stripped naked,I could hear a low whisper saying lovely,lovely.I did,nt realise he had left the cubicle until I heard a gentle knock on my door,let me come in he whispered,why I,ll never know but I opened it.

He was standing there his clothes under his arm his cock standing straight up,it was bigger than mine.He did,nt wait to be invited he pushed straight in.Hi ya he said as if we,d just been introduced.He put his clothes on the cistern over mine and immediately took hold of my cock,that was the very first time somebody had touched my erect cock,I started shaking.He took my hand and put my fingers around his moving my hand in a wanking motion.We were wanking each other.He looked at the pictures on the wall,he pointed to one of sucking then slipped down my body and took my cock in his mouth.

I was scared to death but loved it.His hands held the cheeks of my arse his fingers probing between them,I did,nt want him to stop.He moved from me and sat on the toilet his legs wide apart,suck me he said.I felt so scared as I got on my knees,he gently pushed my head onto his cock,I let it happen,that was my first taste of cock,I was more than pleasantly surprised,I could feel it throbbing against my tongue,his precum tasted just the same as my own.

He moved my head up and down on it moaning as he did so,I could feel my own cock bursting.As I sucked him I started to wank myself,I just had to.Go ahead and wank yourself off he said I,m about to come,he held my head tightly on his swelling cock.I felt the first hot burst of his cum it hit my throat,I gagged, my mouth was filling,I could,nt stop myself swallowing,I liked the taste,suddenly I did,nt want him to stop but he did.He litterally lifted me off the floor grabbed my cock and put it in his mouth his head moving really fast,I exploded.Even though it was my first time I grabbed his head and pushed my cock in and out of his mouth as I emptied my cum even when I stopped he kept sucking me,I loved it.

We said nothing as we dressed,he smiled at me and winked as he left.I felt absolutely terrific.I collected the pictures off the wall and took them with me.