Written by bum_for_u

17 Jul 2008

I was first fucked when I was 18 in Cyprus, in the army by a friend. (Search Cyprus,\"My first Gay top\"

Now I am older, but still love to feel a hard cock up inside me.

Sometimes I go to visit a Gay sauna.

Yesterday I went to one in a large town, a bit away from where I live.......Sometimes you are very lucky.

It all depends who is there when you are.

Yesterday was a very good day !!

I had met a lot of nice guys, & swallowed a lot of cum.

It was about 5 PM, & I had to go at 6 PM.

I was in the \"Sling\", when a really tall guy (6 ft 6 ins) looked in. He said, \"I will be back later\"

I told him I was going at 6 pm. He nodded.

I waited, & put extra lube on.......Hoping!!

I was not disappointed. At about 5.30 he came in,& shut the door. He played with my ass, & shoved 2, & 3 fingers up, & some more lube. He then put on a condom. I had to raise my ass up as he was so tall.

I could not see the size of his weapon, but I felt it as he pushed it into me. It was \"BIG\". He started slow at first then began to hammer it into me, Hard !!

It was quite sore when he was all the way in, but I held on. I don\'t remember ever being to well fucked before. He pulled out & put his tongue inside my ass. That was great. I think that was to boost him up, \'cos when he re-entered me, he fucked me, like a wild animal.

When he shot his load & removed the condom, I took his cock in my mouth,& licked the excess cum off.

As he left, I said, \"See you next Wednesday\"

He nodded...... James