Written by midlands fuck buddies

24 Jul 2007

So after touring the swinging heaven chat rooms for a couple of weeks and having some good chats i decided to make contact with a local guy offering his BJ services, I'm in my early 40s 5'11'' about 14stone with a hairy chest, short light brown hair and Al turn out to be similar to me in appearance.

Anyway i hadn't played for a while, in my 20s i couldn't get enough cock but long term girlfriends then a marriage got in the way so all my arse had been getting was a variety of toys and fingers for about 15 years and that if the ladies were interested.

I was very nervous as Al followed me back to my place from our meeting point, i new i had to start somewhere and a BJ was just the ticket.

When we was inside i said how do you want to play this and he said lets get straight down to it, so up stairs we went Al new it had been a while for me so he was very good just lightly touch me as my t shirt came of and he played with my nipples.

He lowered me back on to the bed with my arse just on the edge and my feet on the floor down came my tracky bottoms and pants and my cock started to twitch as Al kiss and licked the inside of my thighs, that was it my cock was fully engulfed by his mouth as he start to suck away breaking of for some good old fashion ball sucking as well i was ball deep down Als throat and i was hold Als head tight on my cock i thought he was going to suck my brains out of my bell end when he lifted my legs of the floor up to my shoulders for me to hold on to as i felt a hot wet tongue deep in the crack of my arse,i tell i almost came there and then.

i must have been making hell of a noise as his tongue worked my arse then i was being rolled on to my front Al still had his tongue up there then it stopped i looked over my shoulder and in one move Als clothes were of and a good 7'' cock bounced free the contents of a small tube of lube was being run over his bell end, it all happened to quick for my senses the last drops of lube was dropped on my exposed ring.

i felt the fantastic pain of his cock pushing deep into my arse pipe as Al grunted 'i come before you do', i just bite down on the duvet as Al thrust ed away for about 5 minutes grunting and shout all sorts of shit about me being a cock slut and what he was doing to me.

i felt so Horny i was shout out i love it do me hard', with that i was on my feet his cock never came out of my arse and we made our way around the room just shagging away, up against the window face squashed up to the glass, then into the landing his cock came out for the 1st time, on my back cock back in it was so horny just watching the pleasure Al was getting from using me, short strokes, long lazy thrusts.

then up again into the bathroom the shower on we stepped in then his cock was up me again something was different i could feel his cock swelling Al held on to me close as he shock 2, 3, 4 jolts as he came deep in me.

my cock was about to burst i was so sexed up we stepped out of the shower Al bent over the bath and i pushed my cock into Al hole i gave a couple of easy thrusts then i said 'now its pay back time you barebacked me so now you get my load' he moaned out loud and i started to pump away deep into a tight arse pipe, all the memories of fucking gay arse came folding back which added to the pleasure.

time for a different position so back to the bed, Al lay ed on his left side his right leg bent up i knelt over his left leg you get an excellent view as your cock goes in and out, some of my KY went on my bell end and back in it went i can get a good rhythm in this position and i could feel Als sticky cum running out of my loose arse hole which made me so determined that Al was going to remember this fuck, to work i went putting everything i had into my thrust.

i could feel the cum bubbling up in my balls i was soon to reach the point of no return i could feel it jet out of me with each jerk, we collapsed on a heap on the bed it felt good to hold each other as we both got our breath back.

after about 10 minutes up we got to wash each other down in the shower.

we now soap each other up all the time we are regular fuck buddies, we now take more time to pleasure each other and some new friends every now and then but that another story.