Written by William.

3 Mar 2010

I'm getting on a bit now,68 to be exact,I've had a few problems healthwise recently,I live on my own.Even though I've not signed up to this site I do get a great deal of pleasure from reading some of the stories,never thought I'd be writing one.I have been allocated a young carer from a private organisation,a young lad in his 20s.At first I'd make sure I was dressed in the morning before he arrived,he suggested I should learn to relax a bit more,he said that when he's at home he spends most of his time in just his undies.

I had a look through my own undies and realised that they needed replacing if I was going to be seen in them,I ended up ordering some on the internet,they were probably a bit smaller than I had in mind,but I've not got a bad body.I felt really nervous at the thought of him seeing me in them but on the other hand something deep inside me was looking forward to it,I had never had a gay thought in my life and I did'nt think he was gay anyway.

Thats better he said when I opened the door to him,much more relaxed.As he took my blood pressure he chatted away,he rested his arm on my thigh,I don't know if he felt my reaction or not,I'll double check that he said,I could almost feel my BP rising.I was'nt sure what he was saying because I was very aware that my cock was reacting to his touch on my thigh,suddenly the small undies did'nt seem such a brilliant idea but I could'nt tell if he noticed or not.

Don't worry about it he said,I see it all the time,have you got a ladyfriend,there was a smile on his face,no I said,like me then he said mostly DIY,he laughed.The conversation was'nt helping and the more I tried not to get a full blown erection the more it defied me.I bet thats seen a bit of action he said,its still keen,my mind was on some of the stories I've read on here,he was casually writing some notes in his little book.

I know I should'nt say this he said but I'm sharing your predicament at the moment,he could see my confusion,he was blunt,I've got a hardon.I could'nt believe he'd said that,he was waiting for my reaction,my cock was as hard as it had been for a considerable time,my undies barely containing it,right then I wanted to put my hand on it.He reached forward and lifted the waistband it sprang clear,the waistband pulling my foreskin downwards exposing the swollen head.

I could feel he was waiting for my reaction but for some unbelievable reason I did'nt want him to stop,my BP must have gone through the roof when his fingers closed around my cock,he just held it for a second and then moved his fingers up and down it,I just sat there watching his hand,he glanced at his watch,I've only got another five minutes he said,do you want me to.

I did'nt reply,I could'nt,a good job the curtains were still closed.He pulled my undies down and off,I watched as he undressed himself,he was wearing a pair of girls briefs,his cock was standing up from them almost reaching his bellybutton.OK he said in a reasuring way standing for a moment in the briefs,he rolled them down in as sexy a way as I'd ever seen,he was completely clean shaven,enhancing the size of his almost pink cock.

He looked at his watch again,do you want hand or mouth relief or a bit of both,I could'nt reply.He got on his knees and took my cock in his fingers,I immediately knew I was'nt far from coming off,he knew it too.Still holding the lower part of my cock in his fingers his other fingers taking my balls in a gentle grip he took most of my cock in his mouth.

My hips reacted pushing my cock in and out of his unbelievably hot mouth,feeling his teeth rub along its length.It had been a long time since I,d felt myself empty with such force,I'd ever only read that somebody would swallow spunk but I could feel him swallowing.Once he'd emptied me he stood up,was that OK he said,I heard myself mutter yes.I wish I had a bit more time to play with this one he said as he moved his fingers up and down his own cock but I must go.

He took some tissues from his bag and handed them to me at the same time drying his own cock which had evidently produced a ot of precum.I'll be back on Wednesday he is that OK with you,I look forward to it I said,getting my voice back,I could'nt believe how long my cock was staying hard,mind you watching him get dressed helped,his girlie briefs not hiding much,it had been a long time since I'd wished time away but Wednesday could'nt come soon enough.

Over the next few days I constantly thought about whether I could actually wank or suck another mans cock.