Written by William

4 Mar 2010

I did'nt know if my story would appear,thanks for your comments,particularly Laterunner who posted the picture of himself in his skimpy undies.I could'nt stop thinking about what the young lad had done for me and indeed how relaxed he was about it all,like most men of my age living on their own the only sexual pleasure I was used to was a wank a couple of times a week,I hoped he would be back on Wednesday.

I was so nervous it was unbelievable,I was wide awake by 6 o'clock not having slept well anyway,I had a hardon and would have given anything to wank myself off,he usually arrived around 10 so it was a long wait.I tried on several pairs of undies,I wanted to look good,the only problem was each time I put a pair on I got a hardon at the thought of him seeing me in them and it would be just too obvious that I wanted him to have sex with me.

He had a key to my flat,he phoned to say he'd be about 5 minutes,he usually did,I felt myself trembling I was in a bit of a panic,my cock was standing out of my undies,I thought about getting dressed,I got in my bed and lay there.I heard the door open followed by good morning Mr. McDonald,I managed to say good morning,are you not too well he said when he saw me in bed,did'nt sleep too well I said.He came and sat on my bed and pushed the bedclothes down to do my BP,you OK after my last visit he said,that smile on his face,sorry I had to rush off,I've got a bit more time today.

Your blood pressure is fine he said,want me to check anything else out his hand slipping down under the bedclothes,I jumped when his fingers touched the swollen head of my cock,that feels fine as well he said pushing the bedclothes down with his other hand,I just lay there and let him do it.Wow,he said you are well this morning,I can see why you've had a restless night that needs attending to.

He stood by the bed and started to undress,I could'nt take my eyes off him,wondering if he was wearing his sexy briefs,he did'nt disappoint me,they were tiny,just a skimpy little piece of material really,I could smell his aftershave.He did that thing again with the briefs,slowly rolling them down his thighs,his cock was rigid his balls shining below them,still having the tightness of a young man.

I could feel my own cock throbbing against the waistband of my undies,he knelt onto the bed and removed them from me then spread my legs apart.He held my balls in one hand and slowly wanked me with the other then climbed onto the bed and sat on my cock.I could feel my cock throb like never before as it fitted between the cheeks of his bottom.

He reached for my hand and placed my fingers around his cock and started me wanking him,I never thought I'd hold a mans hard cock in my hand,it felt so hot and alive.As I wanked him he moved his bottom backwards and forwards along my cock.I was surprised when he held my hand still on his cock,have'nt come off for a couple of days he said so I'm a bit ready,want to try something.

He turned himself around and put a leg at either side of my head,I could see precum flowing from his trobbing pink cock above my face,suck me he said as he lowered himself down,I took his cock in my hand suddenly I really did want to suck it,its impossible to describe the moment you first have a young vibrant cock in your mouth,I wanted to eat it.

Even though he was already sucking my cock it was his young cock in my mouth that completely engulfed my thoughts,I wanted him to come off,I wanted to taste his spunk.It was the most fantastic thing that I'd ever experienced as the first spurts of his spunk came with force into my mouth.I was glad he had'nt wanked for a couple of days,he kept coming and coming filling my mouth with his beautifull creamy hot cum.

As he spunked his head moved faster and faster on my cock,I emptied myself into his mouth,my spunk yield had certainly increased in a week,I kept coming for longer.He got the tissues from his bag and set about cleaning both of us,I don't think you're ready for the knackers yard yet he said as he played with my cock,thats still got a bit of mileage in it.

I watched him dress,like em he said as he pulled the sexy briefs on,I felt myself smile as I started to wank myself,I'll let myself out he said,I can see your going to have some more fun,I came off again within minutes and then slept for five hours.