10 Jan 2017

After being introduced to the man to man pleasures many years ago and reading stories here and other sites I decided to experiment with the real thing though married with kids.

I was driving from Blackburn to Bolton and needed a pee so pulled into the deep layby there. I got out of the cab and had my pee and noticed a few cars with and without occupants and it twigged. I thought I would get rid of my truck and come back later.

I arrived later in my car just as it was going dark, hell I was randy as I had been thinking about it all afternoon. As soon as I arrived I spotted a few guys off the layby in the woods and went to have a look, sadly they broke up as I approached as they had finished their playtime. An older guy asked me if I was new as he hadn't seen me before, I told him it was my first time there, he invited me to his car for a chat. It turned out that he couldn't get an erection but liked to watch, I started to wank off in his car and he got his cock out, uncut but soft.

I really fancied playing with an uncut cock as I have been circumcised since being a few months old so asked him if I could feel his. I started by playing with his cock then I leaned over and took it in my mouth, mmmm it tasted good and felt great in my mouth. I sucked and licked it but it wouldn't go hard but he asked me to carry on as it felt so good.

I was still wanking myself and felt I was cumming and he asked to spunk in a pair of lace panties he had and said he would put them on when he got home, I thought it a bit odd at the time but I wear my wife's now and love them. I spunked into the panties and cleaned my cock on them and we went our separate ways but thankfully not before we exchanged phone numbers.

We have been meeting for ages now if you would like to hear more?