15 Jan 2017

After my first meet in the layby I couldn't wait to get back there. I rang Arthur ( the guy I sucked off) and arranged to meet him there, which I did just after dark one week night when my wife was working a late shift ( I wasn't very accurate in my first post its on the A666 Blackburn Rd, between Bolton and Darwin).

Arthur had asked me to bring a pair of my wife's panties that she had worn and this got my interest. We met and sat in my car this time and chatted about likes and dislikes for a while. He was 68, married with grown up kids, impotent as in couldn't get an erection, but still very horny and could still cum. Liked wearing his wife's panties and stockings all pre worn and did so quite often. His wife knew about his nocturnal activities and turned a blind eye to them as long as he didn't have anal sex with anyone.

This chatting got me very horny and rock hard, not only had I brought Arthur a pair of my wife's worn panties I was wearing a pair too, he was very exited at this. He struggled to lean over to suck me off so we got out of the car and he sat on a low wall and sucked my cut cock. I would like to say I had a nine inch rock hard boner but I can't. What I do have is a five and a half inch but rather thick cock, sorry to disappoint.

He was sucking me off and breathing in the female scent and love juice from my wife's panties as I had wanked her off in them that morning. When I came he spit my spunk out into the panties I had given him and explained it was another promise to his wife, no swallowing.

By this time there was a few guys stood around wanking at the sight of us which was a real turn on and got me exited as I started to suck Arthur's flaccid cock, still it did feel good in my mouth, the foreskin moving around as I licked it while sucking it. Arthur had a cock in each hand as well and it didn't take him long to cum in my mouth, again I would like to say there were five or six jets of cum shooting to the back of my throat and nearly choking me but I can't. Arthur came with a dribble more than a squirt but fucked my mouth hard as though it was shooting out of his cock. Hmm, lovely.

Arthur finished wanking the two guys he had hold of while I fondled his nice arse with his wife's lacy panties stretched over them and rimmed his rose bud with a spunky finger tip which he liked very much so something may come of it soon, I'll let you know if it did.