Written by brian

25 Oct 2010

I've passed my driving test this year.My names brian,i'm 18 yrs old.I've read loads of stories on here about gay sex.i've known for some time that i'm gay but I havent told anybody.I also like wearing girls clothes and i've hidden some of my sisters things that were put out for charity.I've hidden them in my bedroom,i always keep it locked,its just some of her knickres and bras,i get really turned on when i wear them.

After driving to a couple of places to see if i could meet a man for sex where I wouldnt be known I found a park where I could see that there were a few men hanging around near some bushes,i knew what they were up to.

I was frightened but i walked by and a one chap said hello,i said helo.He walked behind me for a while until i stopped.He asked me if i was lost ,I said no.He was wearing a track suit and he had his hand in his pocket playing with his nob,he was talking to me,i dont know what he was saying just talking.I knew what he wanted,he asked me how old i was.I told him 18.

I was wearing jeans and a tshirt,inderneath i was wearing my sisters bra and a pair of her tiny knickers,I felt myself getting a hardon and i felt my nob come out of the knickers,i was feeling really randy,he was playing with himself and i reconed he had a hardon.he was probably 60.from reading stories I no that older fellas like sex with young lads.

He said i looked very nice,i could see he had a hardon.Do you want to go somewhere he said,i knew what he meant I said yes,i had a real hardon and i was dying to play with it.come on he said and walked in the trees.As we were walking he put his hand on my backside and squeesed it,he said something about it being a nice shape but i was just enjoying what he was doing,my nob was going mad.

We stopped in a place where there wre no trees,its nice here he said there wont be anybody coming this way. I didnt know what we were going to do but then he stood in front of me and started to open my jeans,i started t shake all over,its alright he said i wont hurt you or anything,that hadnt crossed my mind.

He pushed my zip all the way down and put his hand inside and touched my nob.fucking hell he said,thats ready and he took a hold of it,i could feel it jerk in his hand.

He got on his knees in front of me and pushed my jeans all the way down and he saw my knickers,fucking hell he was saying thats fucking lovely,i wasnt expecting that,its lovely.I love boys in knickers.

He put his hand on my bottom and felt it through the knickers,thats fucking lovely he said as he rubbed his hand all over me.I was looking down ay him playing with me,i liked watching his hand on my nob,he was wanking it.He pushed his tracky bottoms down to his knees,he had no underpants on his nob was rock hard and looked big,it was bobbing up and down.

I was wanting him to suck my nob,i'd never been sucked but knew I would likeit and then he started to suck on it.The inside of his mouth was red hot,i could feel his tongue and his teeth,I pushed my nob in as far as it would go,i could feel it touch the back of his throat,it was great.

He closed his mouth tightly on it and started to take long slow sucks but I couldnt stop myself pushing it faster and faster into his mouth,i knew I was going to come off but that was what I wanted,i wanted to come off in his mouth.I could feel him almost choke as I started to come off,the head of my nob was almost against his throat.i just kept coming off in his mouth and when i'd finished he kept on sucking my nob.

then he asked me to suck his nob off which I did,his spunk tasted just like my own and he had loads of it.

I've been to that park a few times now,hes sucked me off again but others have sucked me off as well,I've sucked loads of them,I love doing it,i go to another place as well.A lot of them just want me to be wearing the bra and knickers when I sucking them off and I love that,I was sucked off 3 times one day