Written by norfolklad69

14 Mar 2008

well this friday, was one that ill never forget,

im bi i only dabble but like to have my fun, with women im dominant, i like my men chubby and abit hairy, with men im sub and will do anything im asked so anyway onto the story,

For weeks now my boss has been slowly building up telling me he wanted me/wanted sex on the desk/ blah blah blah etc, i just brushed the comments aside until today, he started asking me really probing questions that made me think different, he told me to get the condoms, so i said ok, just seeing how far he would go he asked me to stay late and to bring the condoms, ask i walked outta work he asked where i was going and i said home, to which he replied \" thought you wanted it\" i chucked a condom at him and said \"ring me later\"

so driving home i get a call from him and he asks me where i was, still with abit of doubt in my mind i say \"ill come and meet you\", so i met him in a lay-by on a county lane about 15 mins from my house, got out my car and sat in his

i know my boss and i know when he is taking the piss outta someone, but this time he had a rather sheepish face and looked really nervous. he asked if i had done anything like this before, so i went for it and told the truth. we got out the car and walked into a wooded area on the out skirts of this field. i dont know what was more of a turn on my chubby boss wanting me, the fact we was outside and could be easily seen or the whole fact that i was the 1st bloke to ever do something like this with him,

knowing that i would have to show him the ropes i knew that i was going to have to make the first move, he stood there i looked him up and down and noticed his hard on sticking out of his work trousers, this is when i knew he was more than up for it. i grabbed him and gave him a kiss, sticking my tongue in his mouth, maybe its a strange fetish or something like that but i love the feel of a mans stubble when kissing, it just does something to me, i undone his trousers with one hand whilst him being nervous struggled to undo mine with 2 hands, we stood there in the dimming light kissing and rubbing each others cocks.

i wispered into his ear \"do you want me to suck your cock\" and you can pretty much guess the response i got. I got on my knees, as said \"you will have never of had a blow job like this\" because i believe that i man better because you know how you want it to feel. i opened my mouth and licked the head of his stiff dick, he let out a big moan, and thats when i knew i was going to be abused, i started of slowly, lightly braking him in, rubbing his balls and slowly sucking his cock. then i knew it was time to go all out, i took his cock out my mouth and just said \"fuck my mouth\" that was it, i before i knew it he was ramming his cock in and out like there was no tomorrow, i was being treated like the bitch that i wanted to be. he was telling me that i was a dirty bastard, and that he wished this would of happened earlier. that was it, really turned on i was thrusting my head forward, his cock hitting the back of my throat, gagging me, i felt dirty and abused, i loved it. rubbing his balls and being faced fucked felt fucking great.

grabbing the back of my head, i heard the words i love \"im going to cum\", feeling his cock twitching im my mouth i knew he was so close, i carried on like id heard nothing. he exploded in my mouth and it tasted fucking great, it was like he had never cum before, with two big gulps it was gone, i carried on licking and sucking till he went soft. i stood straight up and gave him a taste, i said maybe it was time to make a move, which he agreed, got back in his car and had a little chat. needles to say my face is getting fucked next week. and who know where its l=going to lead.

now on monday im going to have to walk in the office and talk to people like nothing had happened, the fun im going to have. its going to be great. i think ive found my full time daddy