Written by Kieron

18 Jun 2012

Six weeks ago I moved into a little flatlet of my own,I'm a 19 yr old lad in my last year training as a hair dresser.I like nice things and since living on my own I've been able to indulge myself in a way that my mum simply would'nt understand.I love her but she is a tiny bit straight laced,goes to church,there was just her and me and sex has never been mentioned.I used to use a pc at the local library,she did'nt agree to having one in the house,I've got this laptop now.

I don't know where I got a fetish about undies,I don't mean female undies,I mean sexy male undies,it might be because until moving here it was something my mum sorted out.I'm not a very big lad but I think my mum still saw me as much younger and continued to get little briefs that were much too small and even though at one stage I found them uncomfortable but something changed in me when an older guy commented on them in the swimming baths changing room.

It had happened a few times,it seemed that somehow there seemed to be just him and me in the changing area when he would what I would call expose himself,if there was anybody else in there he would be much more discreet.Then on one occasion as we were alone and he was fully naked he watched me pulling up my briefs,I found the way he was watching me embarrassing but also exciting,then he said to me that I was a lovely looking boy and as he said it he was holding his cock,he wasn't wanking himself or anything he was just holding it,and I know I should have not looked but I could'nt help it.

Similar little things happened a few more times and though he never made a move on me he always commented on my body and how my little briefs were very sexy and though he never got a full erection it was pretty obvious he was sexually aroused when he saw me like that.

Next door to my flat is another small one and we share a little yard,I'd seen the man who lived there once or twice and we nodded to each other.I got some really sexy undies from kiniki,thongs and some very small slip type briefs.I'd washed them and hung them out on the line in the yard to dry.While I was at work it rained a little but nevertheless I was'nt expecting to find that my undies would have been taken in by my kind neighbour,there was a note through my door to explain and to call and collect them.

He is probably in his sixties,when I knocked on his door at first there was no answer and I was about to go back in my own flat when he came to the door he was covered in just a short white towel,hiya he said I've just been in the shower,come in a minute,I said I'd come back but he insisted,you're undies he said I'll sort them out in a minute they are still mixed up with my own washing.

I could'nt believe what he did then,he took the towel from around himself,he was starkers underneath,he casually started to dry himself as he casually chatted to me,when he was dry he made no attempt to cover himself up and still completely naked got his laundry basket from the kitchen and started to go through it.Things suddenly started to change,he started tp pick out my undies and as he handled them he started to get sexually aroused,his cock started to rise up,first to semi erect and then to full hardness,I should have stopped what was happening but for some reason I felt unable to,like the man in the swimming baths I knew I was the reason he was sexually aroused.

I must have been giving off vibes because he put his hand on the back of my neck and drew me close to him and kissed me full on the lips,his hand went on the front of my pants,it was the first time anybody had felt me sexually,I found myself responding and did'nt try to stop him as he began to undo my pants and hold my own now erect cock through the silky thong I was wearing.

Suddenly I had discarded all my own clothes except for the thong,which was already soaked in my precum.Though I'd never done it with anybody before I found I was wanking him,then even the thong was discarded as we wanked each other.It was only a matter of minutes but being wanked to completion by anothr person was the nicest thing I'd ever experienced,he ejaculated seconds after me.

Even though he is a lot older than me he actually gets his undies from the same source.