Written by Adrian

15 Oct 2010

At college I had more than a bit to drink one evening and ended up having what I suppose was a gay encounter with another lad.We somehow ended up in bed together and wanked each other off,we never mentioned it again.It awoke something in me which for for the next couple of years I kept very much to myself,I knew I wanted to experience the feeling of being naked with another man.

After finishing college last year I decided to take some time out,I took to watching gay porn on the internet but knew I needed more.I took a camping/cycling holiday in Wales,I found I would spend more time than was necessary in the showers on camp sites,most of the sites I used were pretty basic with open type showers.I suppose if some of the men knew how I was watching their cocks they would have been disgusted.

At a small site when I was having a shower with just another chap in there,he was probably 60,another chap came in,a couple of years older than me,I'm just 20.He stripped off and stood there naked waiting for one of us to let him have one of the two showers.I immediately noticed something I'd never seen before,his body,except for a little on his head,was completely hairless,no chest hair,no pubic hair,none on his legs.

The old chap was litterally staring at him,then as quick as he could got dried dressed and out of there.We did'nt speak to each other but there was no doubt he was displaying his body,even I lost my bottle when I noticed he was giving himself an erection and felt my own cock begin to react,I think it was partly being scared somebody else might come in,but the memory of that night with the other student was flashing in my brain,I was wondering what his smooth cock might feel like,by the time I'd dried myself I had almost a full erection.

The following evening I was at a local pub having a drink,I saw him come through the door,he went to the bar for a drink then turned and looked around,when he saw me he smiled then walked towards me,hello again he said,mind if I join you.I could already see him naked,with his completely shaven body,I felt my cock move in response to my thoughts.

He was already sitting down,we started talking about the camp site,he was also travelling around.Somehow the conversation got around to sex and what you can get up to when you,re moving from town to town,have fun and go he said.Then completely out of the blue he said,are you gay,in the shower you looked like you were interested,I felt myself go hot and bright red,I could'nt think of what to say.

It's OK he said I'm not going to jump on you,even though you have a very sexy body,I was getting redder.No,he was saying I'm actually going to a bit of parkland near here for a bit of fun later on,I came across it the other night, there's and old disused toilet there where it still happens,even though I'd never done it I knew what he was on about,fancy it he said.

It was a totally one sided conversation,but he did'nt seem to mind,are you a virgin he said,then answered his own question,you are,then,I've been there,come with me,you know you want to.He told me how he started,how he enjoyed being wanked off by another man for the first time and the first time he felt another man come off in his hand,I did'nt tell him I had a vague memory of that feeling.

We had a couple of more drinks,I'd had an erection for a while as he described how he first sucked a man off and the first time he was sucked off.Come on he said,he got up to leave,I followed him,he headed down a nearby lane,there was just the evening light.I'm going to give myself a bit of a wank he said as we walked along,its a little thing I always do before having a session,it helps me not to come off too quickly later on.

He undid his zip and took his cock out,it was already fully hard,thats nice he said as he started to wank himself,I looked straight ahead,he started laughing,you can look he said,I even want you to look,try it yourself,its really sexy to wank while you're walking in the open.I was glad to take my cock out,it was so hard it was hurting and I did need to wank it,he looked at it and laughed again,we're going to enjoy this he said.

It's just here he said,I could see the outline of a building,theres a small park behind it,we'll put these away for the moment,just in case he said as he put his cock back in and zipped up,I followed suit.We'll take a quick look inside he said as he headed towards the little building,it was darker inside,after a few seconds I could make out a couple of cubicles,the doors were closed.

He nodded to me and smiled and we stood at the stalls,he took his cock back out so did I.A door opened behind us,he was completely naked and fully erect slowly wanking,he came out into the toilet and came and stood between us,he reached for both of our cocks at the same time and started to wank us,the second time in my life,my friend reached for his cock and returned the favour and then he was on his knees taking his cock into his mouth,the first time I'd seen a man suck another mans cock in real life.

The other cubicle door opened,he too was naked,he came and joined us,he got between me and the other naked chap and started to rub his cock between his cheeks reaching back at the same time to find my cock,I litterally put it in his hand,he puuled me forward and rubbed the head of my cock between his cheeks.

Suddenly I had an unbelievable urge to be naked,I wanted naked sex,I'd entered a new world,I got everything I'd fantasised about that evening.