Written by Alex.

7 Jun 2010

Sorry I had to leave my story at that point,I imagine most men will understand.This is all a bit new to me,I suppose I'm still coming to terms with being able to enjoy sex with another man,the thing is since becoming widowed I'd not enjoyed sex with anybody and had assumed I never would again,having to rely on the internet for a bit of stimulation.

I was telling what he was doing to me in the bathroom,he'd dried me off paying particular attention to my balls,watching how they danced when he moved the skin on my cock up and down my shaft.I'm going to do something I think you'll really enjoy,I remember him saying,did your wife used to suck your cock?.Only once in the years we were married did I get her to suck me,we were'nt drinkers but on one occasion we both got a bit drunk at a party,we were staying in an hotel and she'd forgotten her pill.I think she was a bit frightened I would'nt pull it out in time and every time I tried to put it into her she just pushed it away with her hand.

It turned into a bit of a wrestling match and probably with the drink we ended up with our heads between each others legs,I remember spreading her legs apart and putting my tongue in her fanny,I'd never done it before,it must have turned her on a bit because she started to lick head of my cock.At first I could'nt believe that my cock was actually going into her mouth but once I realised that it was in her mouth I could'nt stop myself coming off filling her mouth with spunk,she could'nt swallow it and everything came to a halt as she went to the bathroom to spit it out,she never sucked me again.

Holding me by the cock he led me to the bedroom,get yourself on the bed and spread your legs apart he said,I'm sure you WILL enjoy what I'm going to do to you.I did as he asked,he propped pillows under my head,its best if you can see he said,I think we'll get this as hard as we can he said as he knelt between my legs.I watched his hands,one wanking himself the other moving smoothly up and down on my cock,enjoying it so far he asked with that little laugh of his,I did'nt need to answer

I'm going to suck your cock he said,its up to you whether you want me to suck you off in one go or you want me to suck you several times before you let it come,just slap my bottom if you want me to stop,have a play with me while I'm sucking you.He turned fully around and put a knee at either side of head his balls just above my face,his cock was rigid the throbbing and jerking movement visible.

He pushed my foreskin back fully and for the first time since my wife licked my cock I felt the heat of a tongue,all I could think of was don't let it come off like it did on that occasion.I could feel my body spasm as his mouth went down over the length of my cock,I took deep breaths and got myself under control.I could feel his gentle sucking and the movement of his lips up and down my shaft,what a sensation.

I reached and touched his balls,I saw his body give a little spasm and he wriggled into my hand.I took his cock in my hand and wanked him slowly,it took my mind a bit off my own cock being sucked and I knew I was'nt going to come off.I was suddenly aware of the movement of the cheeks of his bottom and the puckering of his little hole,a deep crinkled pink,I had an unbelievable urge to touch it.

The wriggling of his bottom made up my mind,I moved my fingers from his balls slowly towards it,I did'nt know if he'd object,I did'nt have to worry the movement of his bottom told me he wanted me to do it,I touched it with my finger it began to almost open and close,he was sucking me faster.I pressed my finger onto it,his hips began to move backwards and forwards his cock moving faster in my hand,I had to hold it tighter.

He was sucking me faster and faster,I did'nt know if I should but I could'nt resist the temptation to push my finger into that little pink hole.Once the tip of my finger entered it he pushed back onto it,he wanted me to do it.I pushed it gently into him,not wanting to hurt him,it never occurred to me that a cock could fit in there.His body started to move in all directions,I really had to keep a grip on his cock.

I felt his spunk come force its way past my tight grip on his cock and felt the heat of it as it landed all over my body,then my own spunk fill his mouth,I could feel his every swallowing movement.I could feel his cock begin to soften in my hand and knew I should take my finger from his little hole,he continued to suck me until he knew I was dry.

He climbed off me and lay beside me on the bed,well he said did you enjoy it?,I definitely did,did you like putting your finger in my arse,maybe we'll try this on another occasion he said laughing,his hand reaching for my cock,even then I did'nt really think that was possible,he took my hand and put it on his cock,he looked at me and smiled,thats nice,thats nice he said.