Written by lincoln

13 Mar 2013

I’m feeling very fortunate after finally acting out a fantasy of mine so thought I’d share it with you all.

Little about me first, I’m 35, outwardly straight but bisexual. Slim, reasonably good looking and always horny. I moved to Lincolnshire 3 years ago after splitting with my then girlfriend and started using this site and others to assist in my sexual needs.

After a few meets I met a gay couple in Lincoln and we’ve met up for 3some fun a few times now, I’ve been very lucky in that they’re both good lucking, ones early 40’s and mostly top, the others 33 and versatile, both very health conscious, great company and great fun. Our nights vary from quick meets to alcohol and porn assisted long sessions and they’ve indulged me in my every fantasy, often filming the fun and I’ve always been left satisfied and week at the knees. As I say, I’m a very lucky boy to have found them.

Anyway, back to the story. A couple of weeks ago we were chatting over the internet and I mentioned I’d just had a health check and I was fit, well and healthy. It was no surprise as I’d not had condom free sex for 3 years but it was nice to have things confirmed anyway. Apparently they’d both had a health check a couple of months ago and hadn’t seen anyone but me for touching a year or so. Well it only took a moment before we both pretty much asked each other if they would like a bareback night next time. It was on. We’d also talked about another fantasy of mine in the past about being abused outside in a park somewhere at night. When I’d mentioned it in the past it was just a bit of fun but it did get me hard at the thought of it and the guys new of a park not to far from them that’s very dark late on, with discrete enough area’s not to be disturbed but open enough to not get caught. All we needed now was a free night and a bit of a planned accidental meet.

Two nights later and we had a bit of a nice night for early march and we arranged to meet up at midnight in the Lincoln park (I forget the name but its behind the old horse racing track grandstand beside the golf club). At midnight exactly I was to walk around the rear of the grandstand and follow the path and that was all I was to know.

Leaving my car at midnight I followed the path around the rear and true enough there was very little light, about a hundred or so yards ahead I could make out two figures on a bench but couldn’t tell if it was them or not. At this point I was a little nervous of actually getting attacked for real but I kept on walking towards them both and as I got close one of them stood up and asked “are you looking for someone?”, it was a familiar voice, I replied that I wasn’t and he asked if that meant I was alone. “Yes” I replied and with that he told his friend that He’ll do and they both stood up. ‘I’ll do for what exactly?’ I replied. “for fucking” came the answer “now get on your knees“. With that he leant forward, grabbed my collar and forced me to my knees. Standing behind me he held my hair as his mate moved forward and stood in front of me “I’m going to get my cock out now boy and your going to suck it, understand? OK”. “OK” I replied and with that he released his fly and his semi hard cock fell out. I put up some pretend protest before opening my mouth to him as his mate forced me mouth deeper and onto his hardening cock, next I have a second cock slapping my cheek. I turn to suck it and see his jeans around his ankles. He’s smooth shaved too, he knows I love that, I’d done the same on myself before setting off.

“He’s a good cock sucker” I hear one say “ I’m going to cum in his mouth after fucking his arse”. I look up at one point to see them kissing but I’m told to get back to work. Five minutes or so of this and I’m pulled up of my knees. “Lower your jeans you bitch” I’m told, “ I want that arse”. I do as I’m told them I’m man handled around the back of the park bench and bent over it. Before I know it I’m bent forward, .my arse in the air and in front of me is my first cock again, 7 inches long, girthy and neatly trimmed, its forced back in my mouth, his hands around my neck I feel powerless. I can now feel a ward mouth on my arsehole, a wet tongue prodding my hole followed by a finger. I then feel some lube being squirted over me all the while sucking on this cock I know so well. The guy behind me stands up and I know what’s coming, I can feel his cock against my hole being pushed forward, I relax as best I can but its still painful, I know this pain well and I know it’ll pass, he’s slow though and slowly adding more and more into me with every push. Its feeling good now and it suddenly accurs to me this is my first bareback fucking. Hands on my shoulders he’s really fucking me now, I’ve almost lost interest in the cock I’m sucking so pay some attention to it. I’m in heaven. I’m being called names and used, I’m hard myself, my cock banging against the park bench with every thrust that’s going into me behind.

“I’m going to cum” I hear from behind, “Me too” comes from in front then I feel all the hands on me tense up before I get to taste a big shot of cum in my mouth, he’s a heavy cumer but this seems heavier than usual. Next I feel the cock in my arse explode and the nicest warn feeling enters me, he stays in there a while and I can feel his cock go slightly limp, the cock from my mouth is released and so’s the one from behind. I’m told to turn around, I do so and I’m kissed on the mouth, I’d not swallowed all the cum I’d got and we share it, its not our first time. As we kiss his mate walks around the bench before getting on his knees and placing my cock in his mouth. I need this but know I won’t last long, I’m far to worked up to control myself. I feel my orgasm building and tell them both, next I’ve got them both on there knees instructing me to cum over them both, they know I love this. I wank over them both as they kiss, lick, suck and share my cock between themselves before I cum over them both.

They stand up, we all adjust our dress, and agree that was great. I’m invited back to there’s for a drink and a shower. 15 minutes later and the 3 of us are sharing a shower, I’ve got an arse to enter………

Best night ever.

Hope you liked my story, all true.