Written by Eddie

13 Mar 2009

A little secluded dunes area on the south coast is one of my favourite places for a little sex fun.I was there one day last summer,it was very quiet,I wondered if it might be just a wank job.I was suddenly aware of a chap a little way off then he disappeared from sight.I decided to go for it,I started to slowly remove my clothes,I did,nt know if he was watching me,I hoped he was.

I love to wear girls undies,I was wearing a very pretty pink pair,small and tight.I stood there in my little knickers,please let him be watching me.I played with myself through the soft material,my cock was hardening and I was getting fucking horny.He must have gone,the place was deserted,I pushed my knickers down and started wanking myself,I felt really frustrated.

Fuck it I thought as I sat on the sand wanking myself,the sun was hot I lay back and wanked myself harder,I have to give myself a real wanking to bring myself off and I was feeling so fucking frustrated.He appeared from nowhere,I did,nt know if it awas the same chap or not.He stood there looking down at me a big smile on his face,he was probably in his 60s.He was wearing really short white tennis type shorts,he was holding his shirt in his hand.

He was well tanned I was pleased to see him,I just continued to wank myself.Nice one he said as he undid his shorts,they fell away he stepped out of them,he was,nt wearing undies.He was tanned all over,his cock a deep brown colour and big hanging down over one of the lowest hung set of balls that I,d seen,nice yourself I said.He knelt on the sand beside me took my cock from my hand and started wanking me.I love young cock he said,how old are you,23 I replied,like girls knickers I see,yes I said as he continued to wank me.Get me hard ,he said offering me his cock,it was a handfull,though still completely limp it must have been five inches long.At first it felt like I was milking it his balls swinging to and fro.I felt it start to harden in my hand the head swelling large and purple.

Good lad he said,its been a while.Harder and harder it got,it was fucking huge the swollen head completely clear of his foreskin his balls tightening with my every stroke.Once he was hard he was hard.I had in my mind it would be bigger but it was about 8 inches,a good inch more than mine.Like it he asked as I wanked him faster and faster,I fucking love it I said.How often do you come off he asked,it depends I said,I wank myself off every day then every so often I like to be wanked off.

Always here?,sometimes I replied,I like to go to public toilets.Do you always wear your knickers?,to start with I said,it sets the scene,it sounds fucking great he said laughing.I,d like to wank you off he said,I,m glad to hear that I said because I need it badly.Lets stand up he said we were all alone,we started to seriously wank each other,both sweating like fuck,his balls were all over the place.He grunted loudly and started spunking,I felt the heat on my belly as it hit me,come on come he shouted as he tugged like fuck on my cock,I felt like I was fucking exploding as I watched my spunk reach his face then down his chest and onto his cock,he continued to wank me like fuck.

We gripped each others cocks as we got our breath back,I could feel his throbbing in my hand as it subsided,which toilets do you go to he asked,I told him.