Written by Iainlust

28 Jun 2012

Like many people, I found that my sexual horizons were widened by the arrival of the internet – not just in terms of showing me what could be on the menu, but also in terms of reassuring me that a lot of other guys shared the kind of feelings I’ve had all my life.

In short, I consider myself mostly heterosexual, but with a powerful bi side. One of my earliest and horniest memories was of being a young teenager and playing show/dare games with a friend who was just a few months older than me. Physically, though, he was well ahead. He had gone through puberty and I was waiting for it to happen. Anyway, we both got our cocks out and got them hard. His was a genuine adult member, while mine was embarrassingly tiny. The memory of seeing a real guy cock for the first time still thrills me.

I suppose I sat on my feelings for too long. Grew up, had girlfriends, got married, etc. But my wank fantasies always brought me back to guys, and the web made me realise I could do something about it.

First up was a visit to a gay sauna. In truth, I found it a bit seedy, but still pretty exciting. However, I turned up on a quiet evening, so there wasn’t much happening. I had a mutual wank with a guy and we both shot our loads, but I knew I could do better.

Hence the encounter websites. I spent ages looking and chatting, but couldn’t pluck up the courage to actually meet anyone. Eventually, though, I got chatting to a guy near Glasgow – I live in Edinburgh – and we seemed to hit it off really well. He was called Alan, age 35 (I’m 42) and a teacher, so he could hold a conversation.

We agreed to meet in a bar in the west end of Glasgow, I was almost shaking with nerves, but it actually put me at ease to see that Alan was the same! We laughed about it, and a couple of drinks relaxed us. But there was still a weird formality about it all.

Eventually, we decided to leave and go to his place nearby. The understanding was that we would just let ‘whatever’ happen. The problem was, that it didn’t. In fact, I was on the point of leaving and held out my hand to say goodbye. Still shyly, Alan put an arm out to my shoulder and drew me towards him. At first it was just a hug, but gradually our faces came together and pretty quickly we were into a proper snog – my first ever!

The pace picked up after that. Still in clinch, we edged towards his bedroom and toppled onto the bed. I think I suggested that we should get naked.

We stripped to our boxers. I was sitting on the bed and he was standing next to it, so I asked if I could help him out of his shorts. It was like unwrapping the best xmas present ever as I pulled the waistband down over his lovely cock. He had lovely, brown pubic hair, tight balls and about 7 inches of rock-hard pleasure. I kissed the tip gently and he moaned with pleasure.

I got out of my boxers too and lay on my back. Alan was astride me, kneeling over my chest, with his gorgeous cock right in front of my face. He had my cock in his right hand and he supported himself on the pillow with his left. It was the perfect position for me to suck him.

It didn’t last long, but it was still lovely. Within a couple of minutes I could feel him tense up, and a few seconds later he started to cum. I took some in my mouth, but he pulled out, and the rest dribbled down my chin. I’d be lying if I said I enjoyed the taste, but I loved the whole experience!

He returned the compliment, and I shot all over his chest. I felt I had crossed a huge barrier, but I felt truer to myself as a result, We saw each other quite a few times after that first evening, and we both widened our horizons a little more every time we met!