15 Oct 2018

This a short but true recollection of a very recent event.

I have a dominant suck buddy who I love to serve to completion.

To put a little background to this story:

I often travel across Salisbury Plain along the B390 and I found a lovely area for a walk when I stopped for a wee one day. It is actually a public byway which goes North from the B390 and is located between Chitterne and Knook. It starts from a sort of parking area and goes through a narrow copse for about 600m and then is totally open for another 400m where a small square wood is located.

My buddy has recently been working overseas and returned home on Tue 25th Sep. I had told him about this walk and that I had walked naked there, taking solo pics of me on a few occasions. He had to drive home in that direction from the airport and enquired whether I could meet him there? I am pretty much my own boss so we agreed to meet at 4 o'clock, luckily the weather was surprisingly warm too.

I arrived early at 3:40 and there was a car there and a lady walking a dog. I was wearing shorts, t shirt, socks and trainers so pretended I was going for a run. I jogged a short way up the byway and then stopped and waited for the lady to leave. 5 mins later I heard and then saw somebody walking up the track and it was Sir!

We said hello and walked back to my car where I put on my pink and black collar and lead, and picked up my bag which contained my 7" dildo and anal lube. We then set off up the byway until we were out of sight of the main road. At this point I asked, should I get naked Sir? He said of course so I removed my shorts and t shirt leaving me in just socks and trainers and collar and lead. Sir took hold of my lead and led me up the track carrying my clothes and bag. I was very nervous but also horny. The walk through the wooded area was uneventful and we arrived at the open area which crosses farmland. Sir told me to hide my clothes there and then led me into the open towards the small square wood. This was scary and very horny and I was shaking. We made it to the wood and I showed Sir to a small clearing and he ordered me to my knees and told me to begin my duty. I lowered his trousers and began sucking and licking his lovely real man cock like the slut I am. I got him hard and he undressed himself as I teased his sexy hard rod.

Before Sir got too carried away he decided to use my dildo on me, to open my virgin arse ready for the future when he will fuck me like the sissy I am. He ordered me to assume the position; leaning forward on a tree. Then he lubed me, and the dildo, and began gently probing and stretching me. The dildo is quite fan and I was tight so Sir used his fingers and probed and stretched my tight man pussy. Slowly the dildo slid in, it was painful for a while but Sir knew how to use my slutty hole. I gradually began to enjoy it as Sir fucked me faster and faster with the whole length. He was wanking my sissy clitty too and I was close to cumming, Sir asked me if I was going to cum but I said no; I didn't deserve to cum, that was Sir's privilege.

Eventually the dildo was removed and Sir told me to kneel and do my gurly duty. I got on with my task and soon Sir was cumming in my slutty mouth. I failed to take every drop because I knelt on a twig and stood to relieve the pain. However I soon knelt again and swallowed every remaining drop of Sir's cream and continued extracting every pearl I could squeeze out.

Sir then dressed and told me to get ready for my naked walk back to the cars. Sir le me out of the wood into the open and onto the byway. I was scared now, naked carrying the dildo and lube and not knowing if anybody might be walking up the byway. We made it across the open area and entered the wooded section where I was allowed to retrieve my shorts and tshirt. But I was only allowed to carry them for the 600m walk through the trees. Again it was quiet and as we got close to the cars I was genuinely scared. The last 30m or so is visible from cars driving along the road but Sir kept me walking until he decided that I should get dressed. I would have gone further if he had wanted me to because I was under his total control.

I dressed and Sir left before me so I cleaned up the dildo with babywipes before driving home.

A tame but very true story.