Written by sevenupsixround

31 Jan 2014

I'd spent 15 years in a loveless marriage, lying next to a wet fish. So when we seperated, I jumped at the chance to unleash my sexual desires. I'd suffered from penis envy for most of my adult life, I always thought that I had an average size cock, but a meeting near Baildon Moor changed all that, and thank god it did.

I'd joined this site a few years ago following the separation more by chance than design. I wanted to suck a cock, simple as that. But it had to be the right size, bigger than mine. So I met this guy in the car park at the edge of a small park, mid afternoon, some walkers around, but no-on took much notice of us. He beckoned me over to his car, so I sat in the passenger seat. We chatted for a minute, the windows started to mist up, and so it began.

He told me, because I was so nervous I didn't know what to do, to undo my trousers, and get my cock out. I did with a little trepidation, and maybe a bit reluctantly, but when his lips started sucking on my soft cock, I knew I was in the right place. I was stiff within seconds, it felt so good, he leant back and told me I had a lovely cock and he would enjoy swallowing it, which he gleefully did on his next venture south. His head bobbed up and down for a minute of so, and my head was awash with ideas about shooting my load there and then, but he put a stop to that. He leant back and started to get his cock out, and what a cock it was, soft, fat and long, and uncut like mine. OMG what was I doing, I'd never even touched another mans cock, let alone have it in my mouth, but that's where it was headed, as I dipped into his lap, my head to the side of the steering wheel, sucking and wanking him for all I was worth. It was immense, his helmet gagged me as I tried to get him further down my throat. I was in heaven, I didn't want this to stop. He was enjoying it too, which made me suck even more. He was keeping a watch out, as walkers with their pets passed us by on both sides, but the windows were misted fully so you couldn't see into the car if you glanced at us.

Finish me off he whispered, swallow my load. I wasn't so sure about that, but he insisted, and I felt his big hand on my head, forcing me down further onto his massive weapon. I knew he was close to cumming, but I thought what the hell, and let him flood my mouth with his hot sticky spunk. It was alright, nothing too distateful, so I swallowed, and raised my head for him to see my empty mouth. He smiled.

He finished me off in double quick time, which I thought at the time was a little frustrating, but I've learnt about euphoria since, so when I came he swallowed my load too. A great way to finish a first time experience. We parted son after, and I met a few more well endowed gents around Yorkshire, but your first time always stays with you.