14 Mar 2016

I have been gagging to suck some nice cock for weeks if not months especially when some ventures out into known dogging locations has proven to be uneventful.

Anyway finally struck oil or to be more precise a cum spillage recently one afternoon in a car park just off the M60. I parked up and there were loads of cars there but empty apart from one guy older in a car. Then another car pulled in with a Latin looking guy in the drivers seat. For a while no one moved so I got out of my car and wandered around a bit, I circled round the Latin guys car and saw that he had pulled out a lovely thick cock, I stopped by his window and said that looks lovely, would love to be sucking that. He invited me in the passenger seat and I couldn't resist, immediately wanked and sucked his cock. However another car pulled in and I stopped saying it's too risky so he said get in your car and follow.

We got out of the car park and just up the road 2 roundabouts pulled into a lane near a church and went into that car park and pulled up. No one else was there so I couldn't get into his car quick enough. This time he pulled his trousers right down so I had access to his full size cock about 8 inches, his lovely balls and anus. I was happily sucking him and was very turned on by him pushing my head down and also thrusting into my mouth, he said I fucking love sucking cock and he is going to fill my mouth with cum.

He was also putting his hand down my jogging bottoms squeezing my arse and running a finger down my crack. He asked to move into the back of his car for more comfort so we did and the atmosphere was so horny the risks got greater, this time we were both completely took our bottoms and underwear off. I wanted to serve his cock more so was sucking again but he kept stopping me as he wanted to kiss plus play with my balls and finger my ass.

I was quite freaked when a car came into the car park especially as this was the middle of the afternoon. I started to panic and say we got to go when he stopped me and forced me down to kiss him, tongue right down my throat, he said don't worry he recognized the car. I was again so horny I thought I couldn't resist so when he pushed me down I found I was bobbing up and down on his cock again. With that I heard the door open and my friend just held my head down slowly thrusting saying relax don't worry. I then felt cold liquid against my ass and knew what was about to happen. I have always fantasised about this but it's never happened until now. I could feel a finger again in my ass it was quite rough and hurt a bit but then I felt the strangers cock pushing into me, I was struggling taking him and had stopped sucking. I was about to abort as it was painful when I looked round and saw it was the older guy from the previous car park. This made it feel more horny, he smiled pushed down on my back and then got his cock in, it felt both painful and liberating and all I could do was ask him just to hold position whilst I got used to it

He then said you are lucky as you are gonna get both ends truly fucked now, so there I was back to sucking and now being fucked. My Latin friend was so turned on he wanted to fuck too but I said no I need his load in my mouth and so after a couple of minutes he said are you ready, I made a satisfied grunt noise and then felt his warm liquid oozing out into my mouth, I thought he had finished so I swallowed the lot, his cock was still hard so now I was face down being fucked by the other guy and wanking the Latin guy. Despite his heavy cum load he started spurting again and hit the side of my head and t shirt.

By this time the older guy had slipped out without cumming, he thanked us and quickly went on his way. His sudden departure pulled me to my senses again so I too quickly got dressed and said it was amazing, just wished I got contact details or arranged another meet but in my haste got out of there.