Written by Steveb121

25 Sep 2008

Having had so many comments and emails from guys about the first story (Virgin bi fuck) I thought I’d add a few more stories here, but bear with me, as I write them up.

This one happened several years ago, when sharing a house with a few guys

One night, late and after several pints me and Paul where sat downstairs chatting about his lack of sex and partners since working shift hours.

He then asked me if I liked massages and of course the answer was yes!

He suggested that I take off my top, lay down and he’d rub away the stresses of the day, which I fully agreed to do, as I love massages.

He rushed to get some oil from upstairs...prepared maybe?...and started rubbing my shoulders and back, and got further down my body, towards the top of my jeans, and he suggested that perhaps I would like to under the button and slip them down a little.

I did more than that and took them right off, including my boxers and laid down again, bullock naked, wondering what was going to happen now.

I suggested that as I was naked, he should do the same and he stripped off dead fast.

He started massaging my legs, and concentrated on my inner thighs, so I opened my legs more and allowed him more access to the area he was trying to reach, namely my cock.

I stayed quiet, but moaned a little as he touched my balls and then I asked him to move, so I could roll over, and show him my cock

He saw my cock rock hard, and without saying a word, started to suck my cock, and lick my balls, and paid lots of attention to both areas.

I got him to turn around, into a 69 position so I could get at his cock too, and started to suck his cock and lick his balls too.

He suddenly stopped, asked if I would fuck him, and before getting the answer out, he sat down on my cock and started to fuck my cock

He lasted just a few minutes before he shot his load over my chest, and as he did, he was asking me to fuck him hard and make him my bitch, and I stayed inside him for a little longer before pumping my spunk deep inside his arse.

As soon as I’d done that, he got off me and went to bed, leaving me the wondering what they hell had happened, and when I asked in the morning, he refused to talk about it, saying he was straight!

The next time he was pissed, he tried to ask me again to let him massage me, but I refused, but did let him suck me off, as I didn’t want to disappoint him.

Apart from that he played the straight man again, but kept checking my cock out as I walked around naked in the house, teasing him, but within a few months he was gone, never to be seen again.