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A quick fumble

"A friend of a friend reveals his true urges"

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Yesterday I bumped into a friend of a friend who I had no idea was into "Fun"

Got chatting, went for a pint, chatted about our mutual mate, still neither of us giving anything away, ( our mutual mate has no idea I must add)

We chatted about everything and anything and he soon said fancy a drink at mine? I imagined a "Come on?"

We walked to his flat, chatting until he unlocked his door, we went upstairs to his property, we entered and sat down, he fixed us a drink and sat on the sofa next to me ( Could have sat on a chair ) but I thought okay..his eyes locked onto mine, I guess he is only a few years younger, early 40's, Slim to average build and whilst not movie star looks, definitely an attractive guy.

Soon his hand rubbed my chest as we chatted, he moved closer, rubbing my hardening bulge in my jeans, his hand went under my t shirt as he played with my nipples, grabbing my chest hair, he pulled me towards him, we kissed for the first time, the taste of sweet alcohol on our tongues, swirling together, suddenly urgent, passionate and demanding of each other, we groped at each other, he pulled my t shirt off and over my head, throwing it on the floor, he moved his tongue to my nipples, sucking, pinching them, my cock was now painfully hard pressed against my jeans, He sensed this and undid my belt and pulled down the zip. He rubbed my bulge through my tight boxers before pulling them down, I lifted my hips so he could drag them down to my knees.

I sat exposed with Dave's hand wanking me, Kissing me I wanted to see him naked now.

He moved back onto his knees, my turn to pull his t shirt over his head, we momentarily laughed as it got stuck on his head, Soon though he moved back in for the kiss, I was sat on his sofa, getting him to stand up I undid his trousers, yanking down his boxers too, I waisted no time getting his thick cock deep down my throat, Dave fucked my mouth for at least 5 mins until he shot his big load into my mouth, swallowing the lot.

Dave soon gave me the best blow job I have had for a good while, sucking on my balls, licking the head of my cock I soon gave him my DNA onto his face! Wow! He said that was amazing!!

We will meet up again soon!

Written by Lincsman2022

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