Written by Frenchie

8 Jun 2007

This is a true story based on very recent events.

It was a really miserable and wet weekend, but I didn't care: K had already told me he was coming over to my place so we could have sex for the first time. When he arrived, we were soon upstairs in my bedroom, getting down to business.

I'm in my early 40s, and just a little bit overweight. I've got a 5-and-a-half inch cock, but what it lacks in size it makes up for in sheer horniness - I can stay erect for hours! K is in this late 40s and is very slim, with no real figure to speak of. He doesn't even have any mounds for tits, but his nipples stand out really hard and are great for sucking.

So we are lying on the bed, stripped down to our underpants, and I've got precum seeping through my lycra boxers. After lots of kissing and caressing, we end up in a 69 position, although we've still got our underpants on. K licks my precum up through my boxers, while I suck on his balls through his tight pants. I pull the fabric aside to taste the muskiness of his skin between his legs, and then a bit further so that I can taste his ball sack, slightly salty with sweat; he does the same to me.

At this stage, I'm still not really aware of how big or small his cock is. I can feel with my tongue through his pants that his balls are big, though. So when he finally gets off me (I'm on my back, him on top), turns around and pulls his rather tight briefs down, I gasp at the sheer size of his cock. He is still quite flacid, but his dick hangs about a third of the way down his skinny legs, and his balls dangle beneath it. "Fucking hell," I say. "That's bloody huge!"

Of course, I start to get all anxious because I'm so much smaller, but he pulls off my boxers and happily chows down on my dick, licking me up and down and driving me crazy, and gently sucking my balls.

We spend hours just enjoying each other's bodies. He loves to have his nipples sucked and bitten hard, to feel my teeth around them and chewing on them. Mine are more sensitive, but he's decided there and then that he's going to develop mine until they are like his. I wonder, with my very sensitive nips, if they will ever get to be like his?

But that cock! Taking the head of it in my mouth - wow! He produces more precum than me, something I've never experienced before, and its sweet yet slightly salty taste is amazing. His cock, when erect, is around 8 inches long, maybe a bit more, but the GIRTH!! I can only get his helmet and a small length of the shaft into my mouth, although my experienced bj technique has him gasping with pleasure. I don't use my teeth at all, but my lips and the roof of my mouth and my tongue, and I've had guys coming hard into my mouth because I'm so good. But this guy, I have to concentrate on his helmet, but it's driving him nuts. When I suck on his balls, each one fills my mouth it's so big, and the taste of them is as good as his precum. He has a nice big baggy foreskin, too (I'm cut), so I pull the foreskin up over his helmet, and run my tongue inside and around the head and piss-slit of his dick, lapping up the copious precum and loving the taste, then moving up to his mouth and sharing the taste of his juices with him.

At times he lies on top of me, his big slab of meat lying on my stomach next to my smaller dick, his fuck honey smeared over my trimmed pubes and my cock. I love to feel his precum, so slippery to the touch, against my skin. He raises himself off me and I look down and there it is, his cock, such an impressive sight, just lying there on me, warm and leaking over me. As he hardens again, he slips his dick between my thighs, using his foreskin and precum to "fuck" me between my legs, and I tighten my thigh muscles around his cock and feel it throb as he moves his arse back and forth, his shaved pubes rubbing against my dick and balls, the head of his cock touching the sheet, the wetness spreading between my thighs and onto the bedding beneath me.

We spend hours doing this, and fondling, kissing, tasting, as the rain beats against the window. We finish with me sitting astride his face, his long tongue licking me from the base of my balls, along my perineum and then to my arsehole as I beat myself off, and I watch him wank that huge dick of his. I come first - a double come and a double ejaculation. I spurt over his chest, and long stream of spunk deep from within my balls, and as he continues to lick my hole another rumble from my balls a moment later causes me to convulse and come again, splattering his chest and forming a pool in the base of his throat.

I lean forward and, as he beats his impressive meat, I tease the head of his cock with my tongue while he continues to lick my balls, between my legs and my arsehole, until he comes down my chin and over his stomach, and I taste the beautiful jism he's produced.

That was two weeks ago, and we've achieved amazing sexual ecstasy twice more since then, spending hours exploring each other, getting high on sex. Of course, the biggest test is whether I can get that big, wide cock up my arse, deep inside me and spunking hard up into my gut. He's managed to get some of it up there, but it is so big it is going to take a hell of a lot to relax me to take it all. But we've got plenty of time to get there.