Written by Georges

17 Oct 2011

Having found that gay sauna I decided to step in but it had taken me a few days before making my decision. I had always been scared but still willing to do it. After all for nce in your life, you can see for yourself whether you like it or not.

I had read a lot about it so when the attendant asked me to pay the fee and handed over a towel and my soft key for the locker room I was not surprised.

I headed forward and spotted my locker, placed all my clothes in and moved to the shower then. Water was very warm and helped me relaxed a bit although I was becoming excited but also a bit the continuation.

The guy who was having a shower at the other end of the room did not even notice me, so everything seems more than normal.

Later I moved in the corridor, my towel fastened round my waist and my body full of the perfumed shower gel. I reached the dark room, having read so much about it. It was kind of pitch dark and I stepped in it like any other man wanting a session although in my mind I knew I was just an inexperienced amateur. But now I was in and could not get back. I just wanted what could happen and what I would be up to.

The room was not really big and after a moment I could see two guys on the opposite stool, masturbating. They had removed their towels and were having a real hard-on. They did not seem to be together nor were they doing it just because I had come.

Next to me on the left was a more mature man, possibly in his sixties caressing his chest without attempting to masturbate too while he was looking at the two others. I really did not know what to do. Would I also remove my towel and started masturbation so as to prove to them that indeed I knew what I was doing. I decided to hold on although I was becoming pretty excited. Would I be up to their standards should any of them ask me to give him a blow job. Now the heat was becoming rather intense and drops of water were running on my face.

Suddenly I felt a hand over my leg, moving up. It was the “old” man next to me. I turned to him and he said he liked me very much. I answered I did not mind although he was not quite my type. But did I have a type ? After all I had none. He then put his hand on my cock and started to caress it. I did the same just to see his reaction. I was now holding his cock, rather little I would say and he moved backwards to be more comfortable against the wall. Now his cock was becoming hard, so was mine. He asked faintly whether we should take a private room. I answered yes, moved sideways and added that I would not do anal as it was my first time there. He agreed saying there was no commitment. So we got out and I followed him into a cubicle and he then locked the door.

He knelt down on the mattress and showed my his hard cock to suck. I was now dogstyle, held his cock in my right hand and put my lips over its head, then slowly swallowed it. It was nice and I was so surprised to discover that there was nothing disgusting about it. I started to pump it and heard him saying it was so good. So my conclusion was that I was doing well for this very first time. With my left hand I started caressing his balls and slipped backwards over the mattress whispering loudly. I was now dogstyle by his side sucking his shaft giving much pleasure. Meanwhile I felt his hand rolling over my ass and he started to finger my butt. I was really enjoying it although I was so scared to do any anal.

Then he asked me to go faster as he felt he would be cumming in a minute. I did it, rolling my tongue all over his cock and its head and then he did cum his hot sperm in my mouth. It was a strange feeling taking it all in while he was making noise of satisfaction. I Took a tissue next to the mattress and spat all his sperm in it. Swallowing was not something I felt I could do now.

Perhaps later as well as anal next time.

We said good-bye to each other and I left for the shower while he walked back to the steam room.

Once in the street I thought I had done it well, were no longer scary and thought I would do more next time. Meanwhile I realized my cock was really stiff but I would manage it at home in my bath-room, I thought to myself..