Written by connextin

4 May 2012

He told me that he was a professional male prostitute. And had been hired for the evening by Ruth. We chatted. Like me he had a common interest in sport. He had a sense of humour and I became relaxed as we found ourselves genuinely enjoying each others company.

His arm came around my shoulders, conversation stopped and his lips met mine. We kissed. An electrical impulse ran the length of my body as I felt his tongue play on my lips. And then our mouths were open.

I felt his hand on my knee and slowly moving up my leg. He stroked the inside of my thigh. We continued to kiss. I let my legs be pushed a little apart. His hand was now at the top, his fingers inside my panties.

His head moved back and he smiled “Unzip me my darling” . “Of course”. My hand eagerly moved to his trousers. What a size. Eight inches of thick erect muscle.

My eyes closed. I could feel my own penis becoming slippery wet as his hand gently pulled the foreskin back and forth.

I looked him in the eyes, smiled and gently pushed his arm away. Opening my mouth I leaned across took his penis into my mouth and hungrily sucked. He moaned. I tasted the saltiness of his pre-cum. I slowly stroked his shaft and balls.

“No more my darling Jessica. I think it is time”.

We stood up. He pulled me to him and we again enjoyed a deep kiss. His tongue was thrusting deep into my mouth. His hand was underneath my dress playing back and forth across my panties. He pulled me to him and I felt his penis clearly ready for business.

Opening the door my wife and Ruth had clearly been listening. “I thought you might enjoy yourselves” said Ruth smiling. John smiled back and asked “Do you want to watch?”. Sally nodded to Ruth.“It is not every day you get to watch your husband being fucked!”

John had removed his clothes . I now fully appreciated his muscular body and size of his erect penis which he was gently stroking. I had removed my dress and panties. He was squeezing a tube of K-jel onto his figures. “Now Jessica my love how do you want it?”. “I want to be on my back with you between my legs”. He asked me to lie over the end of the bed with pillows under my buttocks. I opened my legs, my high heels on the ground and felt his hands lift my slip and apply gel. His middle finger pushed deep into my hole. I could see Ruth and Sally standing with eyes wide open.

“Now Jessica are you ready?” “Oh yes please fuck me” . I felt him come between my legs. I opened as wide as they would go. He leaned forward and once gain we kissed. His tongue playing expertly in my mouth. I gasped as his penis determinedly pushed into me. His weight pinned me down. The pain… he was hurting and thrusting and hurting. Then the rhythmical motion as he started moved back and forth mor and nore quickly. I closed my eyes. My hole felt so full. But it just got better and better and then suddenly I felt contractions and he moaned. I could feel the wetness of his sperm. Moaning he continued to move back and forth.

Raising himself on his arms I felt his penis slip out. I gasped with relief. Sperm ran wet down my legs onto my suspenders and stocking tops.

I lay back exhausted. What a day!