Written by terrysinclair

12 Mar 2011

Although I consider myself to be 95% heterosexual, with a strong sex drive when it comes to women, there are times when I get a very strong urge to enjoy some cock fun. Yesterday was such a day. In Kent where I live there is a health club which has a sauna, Turkish bath, two Jacuzzis and some rest rooms. It is very much a club for swingers and during the day times it has lots of married guys go there. Most are there to look for women but in the absence of any they will show their bi side. I guess I fall into that category too.

I am married too and have always been extremely conscious, perhaps too much so, of the health risks. Therefore, although, over the years I have had a few experiences with guys, mostly at the health club I have always used condoms, even for sucking. I would dearly like to meet a guy that I felt attracted to and suck him to completion without a condom but suspect that will never happen.

I arrived there yesterday about 1pm. There were already about 15 people at the club, all naked and male, a mix of ages from about 30 upwards. After a shower I went straight into the Jacuzzi and sat down. There was one other guy in it. Very quickly another guy came into the Jacuzzi too and sat on the other side to me. After a few minutes I felt the second guy’s hand touch my thigh. I didn’t do anything to discourage him and after a few more minutes he started to run his hands up and down my legs. The eroticism of the situation plus the effect of the warm, swirling water means that getting an immediate hard on is guaranteed and he moved his hand onto my stiff cock, gently playing with it. The other guy then did the same and I found myself with two guys, one on each side of me, both playing with my cock and balls. It was fantastic but I didn’t want to orgasm too soon so I turned down the suggestion of the first guy that we went into the rest rooms.

By now the numbers had increased to about 25. I took my time strolling around the club. At one point I walked into the sauna, there was one guy in there only, older than me, about 60. As soon as I sat down he started to look at my cock, touching his own at the same time. As he looked I lay down and lifted my legs up a little so he could see everything. He cupped my balls with his hand, then put his hand firmly on my cock and just gripped it for a while before beginning to gently wank me. It was a fantastic turn on and I let him do this for a couple of minutes before I thanked him and pulled his hand off of me. I walked into the Turkish bath. There were four guys all with there hands on each others cocks. I didn’t find any of them attractive though and walked out after a minute or so to have a look in the rest rooms. There were a couple of guys in one of them, one guy was lying on a couch and the other was wanking him off. I stood and watched for a few minutes hoping that I would see the guy shoot fairly quickly. However they stopped after a while without either of them cuming so I walked out and went for a couple of tea in the health club cafeteria.

The larger of the rest rooms has a television showing blue movies and after my cup of tea I walked in there and there was a very nice looking guy, lying on the couch watching a movie with a stiff hard on and completely naked. He would be my ideal target to put a condom on him and suck him. I walked out to get some durex from my locker but as I returned, condom in hand he was already walking out of the rest room, presumably having taken my leaving 1 minute earlier as disinterest. A shame.

I headed back down to the sauna area and walked in. This time a very pleasant surprise. Sitting in the corner was a guy called Brian who I had met there before and chatted to a couple of times. I had previously assumed that Brian was completely straight, he wears a wedding ring and hss always interested in women when I have seen him the on other occasions. However on my previous trip to the club I had walked into the Turkish room to catch Brian being sucked by another guy. On that occasion he was very embarrassed and stopped straight away. This time he was sitting in the corner, one or two other guys there and it was obvious that they had all been playing with their own cocks as I walked in, and sat next to Brian. After a few minutes the other guys started to play with their own cocks again. Brian kept looking at me and I decided to take the initiative. I cupped his bollocks with my hand for a couple of minutes and watched his cock get harder and harder. Within a minute he had stiffened up to a very hard six inches plus but what was really noticeable as I began to wank him was how thick he was. At the base of his cock he was very thick indeed and I can imagine that his mrs must have had lots of fun being shafted by that.

I wanked him for a couple of minutes, and then I stopped and got up, nodding in the direction of the rest rooms and hoped he would follow. I stopped at my locker and got my packet of condoms and baby oil and walked into one of the empty rest rooms. There were quite a few other guys swanning around but after a couple of minutes Brian arrived. I asked him if I could put a condom on him and suck him which he was completely happy with. I took off his towel, he was very erect and took out a condom and carefully rolled it over his cock.

He asked me if I wanted to shut the door but I said I was happy to keep it open, it gets very hot otherwise. I went down on my knees, clutched his arse and started to suck his superb cock. Sometimes I licked him gently at the sensitive end, other times I was ramming his whole cock into my mouth and into my throat (only managing to gag once). This went on for at least five lovely minutes. I don’t know how many people were watching as my back was to the open door and I was very preoccupied though I was definitely aware of others behind me. From the noises and what he was saying to me it was obvious he was enjoying it. He also was thrusting it into my mouth.

I stood up and I asked him if he wanted to be wanked off. He said yes. I rolled the condom off of him and with started to wank him. We were standing quite close to each other and after a very short time I felt his cock stiffen even more and I knew he was beginning to cum. His spunk spurted out onto the floor and over my feet. It was very nice. As I looked behind me there was a guy behind me in the room with us. As Brian wiped his cock with his towel the other guy said to me “that was really erotic watching you do that”.

Brian and I thanked each other and I headed back to the pool area and had a shower. The club had now emptied out quite a lot, I think lots of guys drop in for a couple of hours around lunchtime then go back to work. I went back into an empty Jacuzzi. To my surprise a delightful lady, middle aged, one of the women who works there, came naked into the area and got into the Jacuzzi after having a shower. She is very nice and I had excellent views of her tits and shaved cunt as she got in. Very quickly however other guys got in too, they follow women around there like dogs on heat. I got out and walked into the Turkish Bath which was empty. I thought I would stay a few more minutes and go and as I was lying there an older guy walked in and sat down opposite to where I was lying. As I felt his eyes looking at me I became erect very quickly. We never spoke. He leaned across and started wanking me making me shoot my spunk over my tummy very quickly. I thanked him, showered and left. It had been great fun and now it was time to head back home and cook dinner for the wife. Back to reality.