Written by steven

26 Apr 2010

this was yesturday , for the first time in a long time i had the day off work and since the recent split with my bird i was determind to find some female company for the day, so as soon as my flat mate left for work i powerd up the pc and started my search. after about 5 hours and finding nothing ( well it was monday ) for some reason i started looking at other sites when i came across an add that said " BLOW JOB OFFERD NOTHING WANTED IN RETURN " i read the add it was from a guy in his late 60s ( im 26 ) about a 25 min drive from me , so just for a laugh i sent him a message and he very quickly responded, he offerd me the best oral i have ever had , my cock was rock hard and i really needed to come so i thought go for it who would ever know , so i set off. i reached the adress and knocked at the door , the door opened and there was john he stood about 5ft5 and looked really old , i was invited in and directed into the living room , he asked are you straight so i said yes but i want to do this, he told me to lie down on the couch and he would do the rest, i closed my eyes and within seconds he had my jeans un buttoned and my cock out at first he slowly wanked me then i felt he had spit on my helmet and was rubbing it with his thumb it felt fantastic , he asked if he could remove my jeans and boxers with my eyes still closed i nodded . now i was naked from the waist down, his hands went straight to my balls and he parted my legs and tickled them it felt amazing , next he started liking my cock up and down and wanking me at the same time , then he went for it sucking my cock like a mad man he had me moving up and down the couch my balls in one hand my cock in his mouth , i shouted john im gonna cum he said cum then bitch he took a firm hold over my cock with his mouth and i shot it all in it , he swallowed the lot , i lay there for a bit recovering and john was slowly wanking me and he kept licking the last bits from me . he asked me if i would like to und his again , i think i mite