Written by HappyHubby

5 Sep 2017

I told you earlier of what happened a few months back......this is what came to pass 3 weeks ago.

My wife had gone away for couple of nights, so knew it was probably now or never.

I rang Tom,,,, nervously heart pounding as I did, I reminded him who I was.... he sounded very pleased that I had called.

I asked him if offer of coffee was still on.....he laughed and said yes of course....but added don't forget the etc.....I laughed nervously. He gave me his address and said see you soon.

His home was in walking distance, so set off before I could change my mind. As I knocked at his door.....panic was racing through me!!

He opened the door wearing a dressing gown,,,, I was surprised, but he explained he had just had a shower, and hadn't had time to dress. He lead me into the lounge and offered me a coffee.. or something stronger he said,, a whiskey would be good I said, thinking I needed something to calm my nerves.

He joined me in a whiskey ..or two and we chatted, he was now sat beside me on the sofa....I noticed his gown was no longer fully wrapped over him... giving me glimpses of his legs & thighs.

He poured us both another drink....my nerves now totally gone, feelings replaced with excitement.

He told me that if I went upstairs.....I would find some things for me to slip into...if I felt the urge.

I downed my drink and left the room, as I got to the upstairs one of the bedroom doors was open.... I went in to find a number of outfits laid out on the bed.... these outfits varied from nightwear, to full evening dress.....I looked at the evening wear, little black dress, I thought....yeah why not!

The outfit included full black lingerie including stockings etc,, the whiskey worked & decided to go for it all.... including bright red lipstick!!

When I came downstairs....he was sat naked on the sofa, with a camera set up on a tripod, hope you don't mind he said...by this point I was up for it.

He got me to perform various poses, and it was obviously working on his cock, he asked me to remove the dress but keep the lingerie on... more poses followed, he asked me to get onto my knees. Foolishly I thought for another pose.

However, he stood up in front of me.....and simply nodded.

I took hold of the back of his thighs....easing him slightly forward, I kissed the side of his erect uncut cock... it felt good to finally be exploring this side of me.

I continued to kiss the side of his cock, slowly moving down the side to his big balls,, I started to nibble them, he moaned with pleasure. I then eased back putting my mouth over the head of his cock, using my lips to ease foreskin back... his moaning increased, I took as much of his cock in my mouth as I could without gagging. The motion back and forth started, however, he quickly shouted I am going to cum, it was decision time, over my face or swallow, there was suddenly no time to choose, he exploded down my throat, his hands now gripping back of head, to ensure I didn't pull away, no worry I thought, this is yummy.

He sat down on the sofa....breathing heavy,,, sorry I was quick he said,,,, been a long time!!

I said no worries.

As he lay back on sofa and got his breath back.... he looked at me smiling.... promise I won't cum so quick next time he said.

He told me to go back upstairs and get into night lingerie.... I said, really?

Of course he said, I need to take longer over next BJ,,, as I left the room he was pouring more drinks......

Will tell more in next & final instalment

If you enjoy it??