Written by HappyHubby

5 Sep 2017

This happened a few months back & am still in bit of shock about it.

I have for many years been turned on by putting my wifes panties on ....find it very exciting.

Anyway, I decided to put a pair on under my jeans to take dog to the woods for a walk. They always feel so nice against my skin, seem to always have a semi on as they rub against me & being a thong....felt nice pulled up tight.

The local woods are always deserted.... and my mind wonders...anyway I was deep into the woods with just bird singing & the dog running.....I felt the urge to pee......damn I thought, but looking around seemed deserted.... so undid my jeans....they are tight so needed to lower them more than just unbutton.....I started to pee.....suddenly heard noise, initially thought it was my dog...but as I looked around.....an older guy, 80ish, I am early 60's was stood looking at me.

OOO sorry I said nature eh....he smiled and said don't stop, I am enjoying the view.

It was at this point I realised he had view of my ass with the wife's thong clearly visible as it was red! My face now matched them.

I quickly finished my pee and pulled up jeans.

He asked if they were my panties....I mumbled that they were my wife's.... nice he said as he smiled. Does she know he asked, I said gee No! Guilty pleasure he said.... I nodded.

He asked if I was gay, but I told him ....no but bit curious, couldn't believe I was saying this, but he seemed to have something about him....made me just answer.

He told me his wife passed away couple of years previous, and missed company....both female & male.

He asked if I would like to call round for coffee....etc, wasn't sure quite what he meant....but said that would be nice.

He then said, that his wife's wardrobe of clothes was still at home.....he smiled & winked at me.

I felt a bit uncomfortable at this point, he smiled and gave me his mobile number....saying call me when ready...

I walked away.....wondering if I should.....he shouted see you soon.

What do you think I did........