Written by barney123

25 Jul 2009

Its been many years since I walked on Hampstead Heath, but on Thursday finding myself at a loose end, decided to jump in the car and drive over.

I'm a man in my early 50s in good shape . I'm very hirsute and carry a 7 inch uncut cock.

Anyway, I parked up at 'Jackstraws' Castle. There were many cars there so had no idea who was out for a walk or were in the castle having a meal.

I roamed over the heath for ages, visiting the old spots where I used to walk. Memories came flooding back. The man/boy in his late teens completely naked sucking on some mans' cock while a whole line of horny others patiently waited their turn to give him a good hard fucking.

I remenber stopping and watching getting extremely turned on by what I was seeing. I counted 11 men either fuck his mouth or arse before he sucked me off and off I walked. Happy days!

There's the clearing where a man in rubber got on his knees and begged for me to piss all over him while he wanked his enormous prick.....on I walked. Finally I got to 'my' old cruising ground. Well nothing much changes. Even though is was still light there were plenty of blokes milling about. some were breaking off in 2-somes and there were mass groupings going on too.

I attached myself to the group and soon my cock was out and being wanked and sucked, poppers were being passed around and soon I was sniffing it for all I was worth. I'm not afraid to be naked in open spaces , so allowed myself to be undressed. I wasn't alone, others were also naked.

There was mass sucking, fucking and wet kissing taking place. I was being sucked by 2 men, each alternating between my cock and heavy ball sac. There was a man who I looked at and thought 'I'll have some of that'! He was over 60 with grey cropped hair, His chest a mass of grey chest hair and a cock that must have been at least 8 inches, thick and uncut. I made my way to him and was soon sucking on his errect nipples. Heaven.

My cock was still errect from the sucking and he took hold of it and gentley started wanking it, not once taking his eyes from my face. we kissed and kissed and went off on our own, where we stripped naked and lay on our clothes, me a man of 51 him in his 60s, both naked lying on our clothes on the heath in broad daylight!!

We soon 69'd and I asked if I could fuck him, 'only if you'll let me do the same' he said. I think mysmile said it all and gave him my answer.

I'd come prepared so allowed him to put the condom on my cock while I first rimmed and then lubed him. He was a great fuck, took at 7 inches and wanted mt to give him more, While fucking I was wanking him harder and harder, soon we were both soaked in sweat and close to shooting our loads. With a final thrust I came, filling the condom while he exploded over my hand. we collapsed in a heap kissing and stroking and caressing.

As we dressed and talked He said he's like to meet up again and claim his reward (fucking me)!! We've exchanged numbers and have spoken twice, he's coming over to my home next wednesday and I've told him to bring a tooth brush!