Written by cocksuckingman

17 Aug 2012

Rebecca led me over to the bed and in a firmer voice than she had been using she said “Right, slut, you've made your decision, now you are going to face the reality of your new life. Strip you nasty bitch, get those horrible boy clothes off and we'll get you dressed properly.” I blushed at the names she was calling me but followed her instructions stripping completely naked in front of this beautiful older woman who was going to help me achieve my darkest fantasies. As the last of my clothes hit the floor she walked around me staring at my body, and with a sigh said “Well, I can see we have a lot of work to do with you, now get that underwear on and we'll see how you look then.” I had taken off enough womens underwear to know how to put it on and I must confess that as I slid the lacy panties over my thighs and fastened the bra and suspender belt I started to feel much more comfortable. I slowly rolled the stocking over my feet and up my legs, being careful to make sure the seams were straight before clipping them to the suspender belt. “Very nice slut” Rebecca commented “you're going to be very popular, now put the rest of it on, and hurry up!” I pulled the vest top on, then shimmied into the tiny skirt and finally the blouse. Rebecca grabbed my arm firmly and dragged me over to the dressing table, allowing me to catch a glimpse of myself in the mirrored wardrobe doors, gasping as I realised that I really did look like a whore, but the clothes were only the start.

I was instructed to sit at the dressing table and Rebecca produced a gorgeous long blond curly wig and placed it on my head, adjusting it to get the look just right. The makeup came next, Foundation, blusher on my cheeks, bright blue eyeshadow and black mascara and eyeliner, and the finishing touch, bright cherry red lipstick. The transformation was incredible and I shuddered with lust as I stared at my new look. “Almost ready slut, just one more thing....” She opened a drawer and pulled out silicon bra insert, slipping them into the lacy bra cups giving me a pert pair of C cups breasts. “Now, get up and have a good look at yourself in the mirror while I get ready” She didn't tell me what she was getting ready for but right at that moment I didn't care. I was completely engrossed in staring at the vision in the mirror. God I looked such a sight, dressed like a whore, plastered in makeup, my fake boobs and the heels completely changing my posture and making me look incredibly feminine. I barely noticed Rebecca coming back in until she was stood next to me and as I looked in the mirror I realised that she had removed her own clothes and was standing next to me naked, or at least almost naked. I looked down and gasped as I realised that the only thing she was wearing was a belt, attached to which was a beautiful 8” strap on cock. I swallowed hard and looked into her eyes and she smiled and put her hands on my shoulders pushing me down to my knees. “Better get busy sucking my cock slut, and you'd better get it really wet or it is going to hurt when I stuff it into your tight little fuck hole!” I opened my mouth and slowly took that big rubber cock inside, licking and dribbling as I sucked, quivering at the though of this gorgeous older woman using my body, fucking me. “Good slut” she whispered and I gazed up at her, my vision filled with her large soft breasts above me. I sucked and slurped that gorgeous fake cock for about five minutes before she pulled me to my feet and led me roughly over to the bed. “Hands and knees like the dirty bitch you are, and make sure you watch yourself in the mirror as I fuck your brains out...” I did just as I was told, the little skirt so short it exposed my bottom as I bent over, and Rebecca wasted no time, pulling my panties to one side and rubbing the saliva coated head of the cock against my tight little bum hole.

I felt the pressure increase as she placed her hands on my hips and slowly started to push into me. I gasped as I felt my bottom stretch, and whimpered as I felt a pop as the tip entered me. I looked back over me my shoulder at Rebecca and saw a mean smile on her face as inch by inch she filled my hole until the whole 8” length was buried inside me. I was struggling to breath the sensations were so intense and she held that cock deep inside me for what seemed an age before slowly starting to rock her hips back and forth sawing the rubber cock in and out of my boy pussy. I was in heaven, loving the sensations and revelling in the reflection in the mirror of my sissy feminised body being fucked by this gorgeous older woman. I was so engrossed that again I missed something obvious, this time the sound of the front door opening, footsteps on the stairs and even the bedroom door opening until I heard a mans voice saying “You were right love, she looks like a right slag letting you fuck her like that.” Rebecca laughed as she increased the tempo of her fucking and said “Slut, this is my husband Barry, now open your mouth, you're about to get your first spit-roasting. Come on Barry, get that gorgeous cock out and fill this whores mouth, but make her beg for it like the dirty slut she is......”

To be continued.......