Written by paulhi

3 Apr 2012

i was on another site when i got a message from a guy. he lived in stoke but was visiting tomorrow for work, after reading my add we made contact and he rang me on my mobile.

he was 28 years of age and was looking to get his cock sucked i told him i was 58 he said it was ok as long as i deep throated.he was married but his wife gently sucked his cock and he wanted it harder and rougher.i wasn't going to say no to a young guy like him even though he had no pictures on his add.he said he also wanted his arse rimmed as he's never had this done.as long as it's clean i told him i'd love to.

the next morning he arrived as planned at 10am i was wearing just a dressing gown and a cock and ball ring. i was surprised how good looking he was and how slim.

i took my dressing gown off and watched him undress he had a really fit body very slim and little body hair except for his dark pubic hair. he said suck my cock you old slut,i really like being verbally abused.i sank to my knees and watched as his cock got bigger it wasnt thick but it was long about 8inc it looked bigger with his slim body.

i cupped his balls in one hand and wanked his cock the head shinning with precum i couldn't wait to taste it.i took it in my mouth and sucked it wonderful.he began to move pushing his cock into my mouth i was gagging on it as he forced it down my throat.

he then ordered me to lick his arse like the dirty old whore i am and got in his knees opened his cheeks and waited.i lay underneath him and started to lick kiss and suck his hole getting my tongue in as deep as i could. he was moaning and pushing his arse into my face, so good.

he then pushed me onto my back my head resting on the settee and pushed his cock into my mouth roughly face fucking me i could see his gorgeous body move with every push he made.

he pulled his cock out and shot a load of hot cum all over my face and in my mouth i was covered in it i held his cock sucking every drop of cum i could i cleaned his lovely cock.

he got dressed and told me i could wank off i did and spunked.

he left leaving me with cum all over my face i let it dry not washing it off for a couple of hours until i had to go out later on that day.

i hope i can meet him again an older guy allowed to be used by this gorgeous young guy with his beautiful body and cock and so much cum fantastic.