23 Jun 2018

A few years ago I met a younger married guy outdoors from another site, he was about 30, bald, with a builders type of body, not slim nor stocky, he was very nervous as I was the first guy he'd met, he didn't say much, just that he wanted to "touch" another cock, I got mine out & he dropped to his knees & took as much of it in his mouth as he could, I groaned & said "I thought you only wanted to touch it?" he mumbled something & continued to suck.

I enjoyed his mouth for a while, he was very good!

I then lifted him to his feet & tried to kiss him, he backed away saying "I'm not into that", I apologised & asked if I could suck him while moving closer & feeling the bulge in his jeans, he sort of grunted "yeah ok but don't tell anyone?"

I slid his jeans down to his knees & looked at then felt his hard bulge through his tight boxers (I love feeling guys bulges) he grunted a moan, then I pulled them down to reveal my prize, a beautiful 7 inches of cock with well proportioned balls hanging below, I licked his balls first which made him shudder then licked up his shaft before taking him in my mouth, I sucked him deep at first, he gasped, then I gave him quick shallow sucks whilst circling my pierced tongue round his nob, very quickly he tightened up & shot a huge load into my mouth which I quickly swallowed,

He pulled up his trousers & said he'd be in touch,

I didn't expect to hear from him again, yet a few weeks later he contacted me & asked if I'd be up for meeting again?

We met outdoors again, it's lucky that I live in the countryside so plenty of secluded areas, this time he was a bit braver, he felt me through my trousers first, undid them, then slid them & my underwear down revealing my cock, he took it in his mouth immediately, sucking me like crazy, only stopping to say "I want to taste your cum" I wanted to make him wait for that & come back for more, so I let him get me to the brink, then stopped him, pulled him up again, he was still not into kissing, but he happily let me into his trousers, this time as soon as I had my mouth on his cock he grabbed my head & started thrusting down my throat (I loved every minute!) until he pulled back til just his nob was in my mouth & he shot another huge load! I swallowed as always, he pulled up his trousers, but then he surprised me by asking if "next time could meet at your house as I'd like to get naked & try more things?"

I of course agreed, a lot more has happened since then, it's taken years but.....

I will continue more if you'd like me to?