24 Aug 2018

A few weeks later I had a ping on my phone, it was him asking to meet again.

I was at work at the time, the fact that I got instantly hard made work a little awkward for a while,

We met that weekend, he'd told his wife that he'd gone to the tip & there was a queue.

We went straight to my bedroom, felt each other through our trousers, then hands were everywhere as we took each others clothes off, I leant in & this time we kissed,

We moved onto the bed, he wasted no time in getting my cock in his mouth, he sucked like he couldn't get it in him quick enough!

He sucked me for a while 'til I said that I was close, he stopped sucking & said "I want your load in me"

I didn't want to cum yet, so I laid him on his back & lay on him, rubbing our bodies & cocks together, I kissed him again, this time he reciprocated & gave me some tongue, this got me so turned on!

I licked down his smooth body 'til I reached his balls, I licked & sucked them which made him moan quietley, then I licked up his shaft, then slid my mouth all the way down his cock, this made him squirm, then I moved lower and licked his tight (almost) virgin hole,

After a couple of minutes he said "I'm going to cum,but I want you to fuck me first"

So I lay back, lubed up my cock & his hole & he surprised me by lowering himself all the way down onto my 8 inches,

He grunted & groaned, then he started to ride me, he was so tight I could have cum straight away, luckily I held back,

I reached down to feel his still hard cock, I started to wank him at the same time as I started to fuck him, I knew that neither of us would last long,

I said I was about to cum, he lifted off me as I shot against his hole as he shot his load onto my chest, leant down & gave me a quick kiss before doing what straight men do, got dressed with minimal chat & left.

The next time he messaged my boyf was here.......