Written by Rik_WhiteVanMan

22 Nov 2013

Let me start by saying, This is a true story.

I Drive a van for a living delivering goods all over the south coast, I thought I was a straight guy who just liked wanking a lot. My working days were getting longer and longer and my thoughts were getting dirtier and dirtier. So much so that I used to drive with my cock out hoping people passing would catch a glimpse of my cock, this for me was such a turn on! Then on one of the slower days whilst needing a pee, I happen to come across a public toilet, Inside it was a little packed so I went into a cubicle. To my amazement there was a rather large hole drilled between my cubicle and the one next door. Curiosity got the better of me, I had a peek. OH MY!!! There was a guy wanking on the other side! I know I shouldn't of, but kept watching. I could not take my eyes off his cock. Now being straight I thought NO! Pervert!

But I kept watching anyway. I found myself tugging on my cock! I couldn't help it I was so turned on! I was so confused, so I promptly left.

The next few days all I could think about was that strangers cock on the other side of that wall. So much so that I kept getting a rock hard cock, Was I secretly gay??

It would be a few weeks before I would get to go to the same area again, I was quite looking forward to it. I would park up away from the toilet entrance, just so I could watch who went in the toilets. This lasted a few days waiting and watching, The same guys would go in and spend way to much time in there. Tomorrow I said to myself

Well tomorrow came and I was shitting myself, I mean walking into the unknown, What if I was wrong? I waited until a few of the usual guys were in the toilets, I then Plucked up the courage and walked in, I stepped in between two of the guys at the urinals. Well I don't know what I was worried about, both of them had raging hard-on's, the guy to my right just smiled at me and waved his cock in earnest, I got mine out and he reached over took me in hand and started to stroke it .

HOLY FUCK!! I was so nervous, what if someone came in?? Yet I really was enjoying it!

He said to the other fella to watch the door and before I could do or say anything he had knelt down and was pulling me towards his mouth!

I honestly thought FUCK IT! I'm letting him wank me! so why not?!?! I grabbed his head and in one swoop I had my entire cock in his mouth. I loved it! It was everything I wanted it to be and so much more, With the excitement of being caught and the second guy watching his mate suck me off, WOW!! I wanted to cum soooo much! I only lasted a few more bobs of his head before I pulled my cock form his warm mouth, I came everywhere! He called me a dirty bastard whilst squeezing my arse! I washed my hands as they were covered in cum and we all left!

What an experience, I sat in my van with the biggest grin on my face

So Off I went back to work, Happy for the rest of the day

I know its short and sweet but that's how it was