Written by Rik_WhiteVanMan

25 Nov 2013

Please take a look at my first part to see how it all started x

This is also a true story.

Again it was a few weeks before I was in the area of my first encounter and I must admit I was looking forward to seeing if the same guys were still about.

Now I knew what to look for, it was a little easier.

I would do my deliveries and make sure that my lunch break would coincide with these toilets. After a week of watching there was one particular bloke who would pull up in his beige Yugo and spend far too much time in the toilets.

Friday came and I waited for him to go in, I followed unsure if he was after some fun or just constipated every day, He was in one of the cubicles so I went in the one next door, My cock was already hard. I pulled my cock from my shorts and lent against the wall, If he was interested he could see what he was going to get through the peep hole, I started to stroke my cock and within a few seconds I could hear him whispering "I want to suck the cum right out your cock!" He said this over and over each time just a little louder than the last

I left my cubicle and knocked the door to his. He opened up and sat back on the pan, he was a little older close up, but at that point I didn't care. He didn't say a word just pulled down the front of my shorts grabbed my cock pulling me towards him and started sucking my cock, He rubbed the end of my cock over the front of his teeth! this was a first for me, I was unsure if I liked it so I pulled his head closer so my cock would push deeper into his mouth.

Now that's what I like, a good bit of deep throat, "Suck my cock" I whispered, thrusting harder, again I couldn't hold on, the week long build up had been too much, I was going to cum and he must of sensed it, He started to suck my cock so hard that when I cum it felt like my balls were going to be sucked up. FUCK! I shouted, cumming so hard down the back of his throat, I just kept shooting wave after wave of hot sticky cum in his mouth. He didn't waste a drop! swallowing the bloody lot! "Fuck! Fuck! that was fucking great!" is all I could say, my knees were weak and I was a quivering wreck!

He just smiled at me, licking his lips. Sitting back down on the toilet confident that he had done a good job. gesturing for me to leave I pulled myself together and left the cubicle.

Jumping in my van I waited for him to leave, He drove passed me giving me a cheeky "knowing" wink

Again for the rest of the day I had a massive smile on my face!