Written by aelfric

24 Dec 2012

After a mutual masturbation session on the beach, the stranger asked me if I had ever been to J’s sauna.

“No,” I replied, “never knew such a place existed.” Writing down the name and address, I promised myself that I would make the effort and pay a visit.

The cooler nights were drawing in and the flash back of the unexpected encounter with the stranger on a lonely stretch of beach during the summer months flashed through my mind. I searched in my backpack and found the scrap of paper with J’s address.

Seven times I approached J’s and seven times I slunk away like a coward. On the eighth visit I plucked up the courage and pressed my finger onto the bell push. The door buzzed and then swung open. One half of me wanted to run but timidly I took my first faltering step over the threshold and entered into the unknown.

“Hi, come on in.” The voice belonged to a smiling balding guy, I guessed him to be early fifties and nothing what I had imagined. On reflection, I don’t really know what I imagined. “Guess your new here, just need you to register and I’ll give you a card with your membership number.”

Paying the entrance fee, I was handed another card which would entitle me to a fifty percent reduction on my next visit. Next I was handed a key attached to a rubber band and a fob with the locker number engraved on to it.

“You’ll find a towel in the locker and you will get another one for free if you need it. After that you will have to pay fifty pence for additional towels, have fun,” and with that he turned back to the game he was playing on his computer.

I undressed and placed my clothes in the locker. A gentle slap on my bum startled me, turning around I found myself face to face with a guy wearing suspenders, high heel shoes and sporting a semi hard cock.

“Just going love,” and gave my cock a pat as I struggled to wrap the, what I would call a small beach towel, around my waist. “Have fun,” he half giggled as he entered his key into his locker.

A short stairway opened out into a long narrow corridor. It was in semi darkness with the only light coming from small wall mounted lanterns that glowed with no more strength than a candle. Small dark alcoves that could hold two to three people, were sunk into the corridor.

At the far end to my right, I found the showers and the steam room. I stripped off the towel and allowed the warm water to soak my body. Ten minutes later after a good body wash and shampoo I entered the steam room.

It was pitch dark inside, the only noise was that of the steam generator as it filled the room with its billows of hot steam. I edged my way forward and sat down on the marble seating that ran around the interior of the room.

I was totally alone. Beads of sweat covered my body as the steam generator continued to blow clouds of hot steam into the room. I heard the door open and a couple of voices in conversation.

Bloody hell, its dark in here, one of them uttered. I gave a little cough. “Oh! We have company” said the second mystery voice.

The first guy was now brushing his hand against my thigh as he settled down on the marble seating.

There was a pregnant silence then the mysterious hand began to slowly stroke my inner thigh. I felt myself getting aroused, funny how cocks seem to have a life of their own and don’t seem to mind in the least who is touching it.

The hand slowly inched its way up my thigh until it brushed against my now stiffening cock. The hand encircled my cock and began to wank me. Another hand touched my chest and then my nipples were being pinched.

A hard cock was pressed against my lips, urging me to open my mouth and savour its length. I tentatively licked the bell end of the cock tasting the precum that was oozing from its great eye.

Before I knew what hit me the guy that was wanking me, now had his mouth over my cock. His tongue licked the blob of precum and explored my hole. He licked my shaft and balls. It felt absolutely amazing.

Meanwhile, the cock at my mouth was now pressing harder, forcing my mouth open. I was amazed as his whole seven inches of cock entered my mouth. I felt his hands holding my head as he began to slide his cock in and out of my mouth.

I tried desperately to tell the guy giving me a blow job that I was about to cum, but the other guys cock was filling my mouth and gagging me from any communication. I couldn’t hold back any longer and unloaded spurt after spurt of cum into his mouth. He sucked me harder and squeezed my balls to get every last drop from me.

I grabbed the arse of the guy that I was blowing and pulled him hard into my mouth. I could feel his bum tense and a flood of hot cum filled my mouth. I swallowed every drop and licked his shaft clean as he slowly with drew his manhood.

I left them and had another quick shower before exploring the rest of what facilities there were on offer. I found the sauna and had only sat down when the door opened and the two guys from the steam room entered.