Written by aelfric

3 Jan 2013

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Following the session in the steam room, I had showered and entered the empty sauna.

The sauna was cooler than I had expected, so I placed my towel on the top bench and stretched out, naked, on my back

My cock was semi erect when the door to the sauna opened and the two guys from the steam room entered.

Both sat on the lower bench, one at either end so that one was close to my head and the other at my feet. A strong feeling of panic came over me and my gut reaction was to run. However before I could react, the guy sat near my feet began to talk.

“Haven’t seen you in here before, first time?” “Yes,” I replied. “So have you done the tour of the facilities?” “No, not yet, just the steam room and now the sauna,” I replied. The larger of the two guys, who was sat near my head, suddenly arose and said he had had enough and it was too hot for him.

I lay back a bit more relaxed, now that there was only the one guy in the sauna with me. Soft music was playing from a hidden speaker and with the sauna warming up I began to drift into a sleep like state.

I could feel a hand slowly and gently caressing my foot and ankle. Slowly the hand began to move ever so slowly up my leg and onto my inner thigh. By this time my cock had risen to attention, all to my amazement. The hand, now encircled my raging hard on and slowly moved up and down my shaft, gently but firmly pulling my foreskin back.

A hot breath and wet lips were now brushing against my knob end. “Mmmm, lovely fat cock,” was all I could hear, then a slurping noise as he opened his mouth and began sucking my cock.

His other hand searched out my nipples and he pinched them, gently at first, then harder as he swallowed more and more of my cock into his warm mouth.

This was the blowjob of blowjobs and I could feel my cum agonisingly waiting to erupt. “I’m going to cum,”I stammered through short breaths. The guy pushed his free hand under my bum and pulled me hard onto his face as he took my cock, deep into his mouth. “Aghh,” is all I managed to utter as a stream of my hot cum shot down this guys throat.

The guy kept sucking until he had drained me of every last drop. “That was good,” he muttered; see you in a bit and with that he made his way out of the sauna. I lay back reflecting on what had happened in such a small space of time. I’ll have another few minutes here and then go and explore the rest of the facilities.