Written by trainman

22 Dec 2009

Went to sauna last week...didn't look too promising from the few cars outside...in the changing room I got stripped and tied a metre long black silk cord round my cock and balls pushing them up so they stuck forwards and out...then I put on a tight black cire thong, so my cock bulged forward and black thin cotton briefs over the top. I wrapped a towel round my waist and taking my bag from the locker walked thru the main area and upstairs. When I got up there I walked thru the place looking for action, from the TV lounge past the private rooms and the gloryhole maze to the dark BDSM room...there were a few guys walking round, some lying in the private rooms, doors open, wanking, watching gay porn on tv...

the movie was a gay orgy, showing loads of athletic, muscular hunks, some in leather gear, most naked, wanking, sucking and fucking....just my scene, so I was getting turned on...I went into a private room, locked the door and took off my towel. I took my dirty black leather workboots from my bag and put them on, lacing them slowly as i watched the porn, then stood and stroked my cock thru the fabric feeling it swell to my touch.

I opened the door and stepped out...two or three guys were hanging around and looked me up and down as I walked towards the gloryhole maze...I was dressed in black workboots, black briefs and nothing else...my towel over my shoulder...feeling really horny. I passed about 10 or 12 guys before i got to the maze and once inside I just stood and waited. Sure enuf a few guys had follwed me in and slowly filed past me....some 'accidentally' brushing against me, others standing in the dark corners waiting for someone else to start the action.

I moved on to the BDSM room, where there's a 'Cross' and 'Stocks'....3 guys immediately came in after me and one came over and began stroking my cock...the other 2 circled me....the 1st guy had stockings on and got on his knees, nuzzling my cock thru the fabric...the 2nd guy stood alongside me and reached down to feel my balls. When he realised they were tied he stepped back and looked at me, moaning approvingly. the 3rd guy went behind me and slipping his hands under my arms began stroking my belly and rolling my nipples....I was loving it all.

The guy in stockings began slipping my briefs down a little so he cld see my cock n balls, the 2nd guy, wanking himself, stepped back to get a look and smiled when he saw my swollen cock tied tight in the black rope...he reached for it and guided into the 1st guys mouth. As Stockings sucked me the 2nd guy leaned over and kissed me deeply, piching one of my nipples as he did. the guy behind me was using a hand on my shaved belly to stroke me and nuzzling my neck while wanking his cock against my smooth arse. He kept pulling the fabric of the thong and letting it snap back against my arse, then he knelt down and pushing my legs apart, i felt his warm breath on my cheeks as his tongue searched for my hole, tugging the thong with his teeth and wanking his cock against my leather boot.

Another guy joined us, smaller than me, stocky with a thick cock...he started to slap my cock, and force it downwards so it sprang up and slapped against my belly. The guy behind me stood and pulled me close...I cld feel his hand wanking his cock faster and faster and suddenly I felt his warm cum all over my arse cheeks. He kissed the back of my neck, thanked me and moved away. The stocky guy took his place and began twisting and rolling my nipples...slapping his stiff cock against my spunk covered arse. All of them were fascinated by my tied cock and balls...made them even hornier than they already were...

The stocky guy motioned me to follow him so I picked up my towel, left the other guys playing with each other and went into a private room with him. The orgy was still playing on tv and when I turned back from locking the door he pulled his foreskin back to reveal a Prince Albert......mmmmmmm looked gorgeous...I emptied my bag on the bed and reached for a leather, studded cock strap. I squatted down in front of him and tried to wrap it round his thick shaft and balls....it had to go on the widest setting to get it on....then I stood up and put leather straps across his chest, pulling them tight so his tits stood proud. He lay back wanking and I stood on the bed wanking over him, a booted foot either side of his open legs as he nodded approvingly....he reached up with one hand and twisted my nipples while he wanked his swollen cock with the other.

I cldn't resist it any longer so climbed off the bed, stood him up, squatted in front of him and tried to get his thick prick down my throat...the studded cock strap against my mouth and his pierced cock driving thru my lips....I was watching the porn as well and wanking my cock....

he cldn't take too much sucking , said he was gonna cum but wanted it to last...so he reached onto the bed and getting another of my ropes, turned me round and tied my hands behind my back. When he was satisfied it was secure he spun me round to face him...I was completely vulnerable then, defenceless as he stroked, slapped and wanked my cock, tugging my tied balls down and back between my legs. He leant over and sucked me as he slapped my arse, then pushed me onto the bed on all fours, my arse facing him, my face pushed down onto the spunk smelling bed. He slapped his cock against my cheeks and wetting a finger tried sliding it into my arse. I moved away but he had control of me, pulling me back towards him....he knelt down, roughly pulled the thong from my arse and began tonguing me...one hand wanking my cock and fondling my dangling balls.

It was all too much and I said 'I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that'....he flipped me over so I was lying on my back, knelt across my chest and slapped his cock against my face. It was clear he was ready to shoot so I told him to let it go. He moved back a little, wanking himself furiously, cradling his balls with his other hand when suddenly a huge jet of thick creamy spunk shot all over my tits, neck and face. He shuddered as forced the last drops out, wiping them across my nipples.

He untied me and I knelt to undo the cock strap from his spent cock...the strong smell of cum inches from my face. Taking of the chest harness he towelled himself dry, opened the door and left without a word. I looked at a clock and realised I'd only been there 30 mins ...I still had the whole afternoon ahead of me and a full sack of cum to have drained.

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