Written by bobjohn2

18 Aug 2018

Last week when it was still hot, my wife went out for lunch with her girl friends so I had some time to myself. I went to Ashdown Forest, near where I used to Work. It's a known Gay cruising spot. Once there I parked the car and wandered into the woods nearby, I found a secluded spot behind some bushes, then I done something that I have never done before. I stripped naked, just leaving in my shoes on for walking about. Only had to take my shirt and trousers off, as I was commando. I then started to wander about, not far at first, just behind the bushes, but soon got more adventurous, and walked on the path beyond the bushes. There were other men in the area, but I was the only one naked. Soon I had a little group around me, kissing, touching, I've never had that sort of attention before. One was sucking me, while another was fingering my arse, soon I was the one sucking, then I realised that my arse was getting a lot of attention. I reached behind me and felt a cock with a condom on, someone held a bottle of Poppers under my nose, so I took a deep breath, hadn't had any for a long time, and they were strong, my head was spinning, they only give a quick hit, as soon as I had the Poppers he pushed his cock in, and started to fuck me, with the other men holding me up. When he was done another tried to take his place, but I noticed he didn't have a condom, so I struggled up and said that I had had enough, I was covered in cum, the other men were wanking over me when I was being fucked. Most of the men wandered off. One was left, he was the one with the Poppers. We went behind the bush where my clothes were and we had a Poppered blow job.

It ended OK, but I realise now that I could have been in big trouble if they had got aggressive. What a afternoon, never been in that situation before