Written by Wolfman

31 Jul 2008

Never been on a cruise before but it’s been a whim my wife repeatedly brings up when she flicks through the mountain of catalogues and brochures relating to cruises.

I won’t name the ship or our destination in order to protect those concerned.

The ship was very impressive and the crew and staff very helpful. That first night took some getting used to and I awoke just after three in the morning. My wife was really sending them home. I couldn’t get back to sleep so I dressed and went for a stroll.

Plenty of activity from the night cleaning staff and amazingly I was not the only passenger wandering around. I nodded to two of them, both elderly then decided to take a leak.

Toilets on board ships are fantastically clean and all fitted out with hand gel to prevent the spread of germs. I stood at the bowl then almost immediately I was joined by one of the men I saw earlier. It was impossible not to see his massive cock as he pulled on it as he peed.

“You also having a problem sleeping”? he asked in a strong Yorkshire brogue.

I nodded trying not to look at his swelling cock that he was making no attempt to hide. That’s until we were joined by another man I thought I saw talking to one of the cleaning staff earlier. He nodded to us both and I heard him peeing. He was on the left side of the other old guy who was still playing with his now rampant cock. I caught the last man glancing down at the offering next to him. Then suddenly the old boy stood back in full view and said, “Who wants to play”?

I grinned at his outburst. The other guy looked at me with a smile on his face and I saw he also had a hard on. His uncut cock looked so tasty.

I indicated one of the toilets, the disabled one since there was more room inside. All three of us walked in each with a rampant cock in his hand. It’s funny thinking about it now.

Closing the door we all dropped out pants. The cry of ”Lovely” made me turn to see the last entrant standing in stockings and sheep pink knickers. I felt my cock give a jump when I saw the bulge pushing out the shimmering material. The first guy turned the other around so he was facing the wall and slipped his knickers off and handed them to me. My whole body trembled at the warmness of them and the silky feeling. I watched the first man fingering the others bum hole so I knew what was about to happen. He spat into his hand and rubbed it over his cock . I watched in awe as he guided it into the man's arse. I heard him gasp and his “Oh yes” told me he was enjoying the intrusion. He suddenly looked me and with a gesture of his head he called me closer. He leaned right over hanging onto the chrome hand rail on the wall with one hand and guiding my cock into his mouth with the other.

“Oh yes cried the man shagging him and his movements grew faster causing the mouth around my cock to move in time as well. I lay his knickers over his back and held his head as I knew I was about to cum. I suddenly realised that those knickers were the very same my wife wore. This heightened my enthusiasm three fold and with a loud cry I shot into the sucking mouth that was soon joined but a muffled grunt from the guy getting shagged and without touching himself he was shooting all over the floor. This must have created tremors around the others cock for he threw back his head and gave a loud grunt “Mm,Mm,Mmmmm” and he pulled away. The mouth was removed from my cock and he shuddered when the guys cock pulled out of him.

“My God, that’s been the best I have ever had, I mean to men, fantastic. We will have to do this again later.

My wife hadn’t missed me or was even curious as to where I had been. Later in the self service restaurant at breakfast I saw one of the men, the one who shagged the other guy, there was no sign of him. Brassily he said good morning and he and his wife sat across from us. She was a big lady with a pleasant smile but careless how she sat. I almost choked on my toast when her legs parted and I clearly saw the legs of her directorie knickers. They were a deep rose in colour and I felt my manhood stirring. Whilst I tried hard not to stare it was impossible not to since she was directly in line with my own wife so I guess she wasn’t aware what she was showing. He husband got up and returning a moment later he leaned over and whispered in her ear. Her thighs closed. I was able to finish my breakfast without any more distractions, or so I thought.

Popping into the toilet I was confronted by the man who had been sitting on our side. “It’s what they put in the teas” I said jokingly as I pulled out and took a leak. When the other two guys left he leaned over to me and hissed, “Did you see the display that woman across from you was giving. I have a thing about directorie knickers you wouldn’t believe”.

“Yes I did see her, I thought they were out of fashion”.

“Gosh no, you’d be surprised but you have to keep and eye out”.

I had noticed whilst we were talking that he was manipulation his cock that was a fair size in erection and the way he teased his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock excited me.

Another man came in followed by a teenager. I knew the teenager had noticed the guy next to me and his face flushed but he remained at the bowl and I knew he was pulling on his own cock. Unfortunately he was interrupted and I caught sight of his little erection as he now flustered, rushed out.

The other man finished leaving us alone.

“Fancy a wank”? he asked. Looking around to see the coast was clear. I stepped back a little and his hand went around my cock. Watching his left hand working on his own cock whilst his right went hell for leather around my was something else. I came off just in time for three men came in. I finished up but he remained. I knew he would get his rocks off sooner or later.

It took just three days to realise there was activity of a man to man nature all over the ship. Some were married some were on their own and with an inside cabin I knew they were enjoying the cruise. But lone women had their needs as well. More on that later.