Written by Huggym

11 Dec 2014

I sometimes desperately need hard and horny cock fun. When I get the urge it is overwhelming and I am eager for group action. At last I had a chance for an ad a favourite haunt. I walked down the hill from the railway station to the cinema.It was a cold day but that did nothing to calm me down, my cock was already growing hard in anticipation.

When I arrived only a few guys were there so I took my time knowing that the place would soon be busier. After a few minutes of stroking my cock was hard and needed release. I undid my trousers - no underwear to get in the way - and let it out. Once I had done that a man came and sat by me and did the same. We gently explored each other, stimulating the hard cocks in our hands. Our hands explored each other further and I slid forward on my seat, spreading my legs wide. Happily he knew what I wanted and his hands explored me further. Then a finger gradually began to penetrate me as he stroked me tenderly. I pushed my self harder on to his finger as it eased in further and my cock seemed to be harder than ever. This was totally delightful and a great start to my fun.

After a time he moved away and I had a pause to recover from the lovely excitement. I saw a lovely thick smooth cock nearby. I moved close and began stroking myself. The man beckoned me towards him and we worked our hands on each other then he took me deep in his mouth, sucking eagerly and taking me very close to spunking. I pulled away as I had plenty of time. After a few moment I was ready for more attention. He then sucked me slowly and expertly until he had to pause for breath. 'I want my mouth filled with all your hot spunk,' he whispered. This was thrilling but I was still not ready to climax.

More visitors were arriving but not many were watching what was on offer on the screens.A young guy with a lovely black cock was sitting quite near the front but very clearly playing with himself and looking about to see who was there. With my own cock on display I asked if I could sit by him and I was immediately welcomed. We were soon exploring each other and to my delight he had very little hair, in fact he was almost smooth in the vital area! I can never resist a lovely smooth cock so I was soon on my knees relishing this one with my mouth and tongue. Deeper and deeper I sucked, coming up for air then plunging down again. This was sheer delight and his moans of pleasure encouraged me to suck all the more. Suddenly he pulled my head away, stood up a gave himself three hard strokes. Squirt after squirt of glorious spunk shot from that lovely cock. I was disappointed as I would have loved that load over my face or best of all in my mouth. Nevertheless it was a thrilling explosion. He thanked me and left.

By now I had been in the cinema nearly ninety minutes. The start of my visit had been rather quiet but things were now looking more promising. Three guys were enjoying them selves at the back and I went near in the hope of joining them. They beckoned me over and made room for me. Soon cocks were being thrust into my mouth. One of them kept telling me which one to suck, One was small but hard, another very hard and long and the third very thick. I worked avidly on each of them appreciating the different sizes and doing my best to give pleasure. We all moved around and a period of intense action began. One fellow bent over and another stood behind him, condom on, gradually urging his cock into the willing bum. I knelt in front of them, gently stoking the very hard cock of the fellow who was being fucked. Meanwhile the fourth member of the group watched closely stroking his own thick prick. The intensity of the action in front of me was so thrilling I could feel that my own cock was throbbing with excitement. The two fellows thrust and pushed against each other and reaching a thrilling climax just a few inches from my face, then they sat down breathless.

I stood up and the other witness to the excitement whispered, 'Come for me! In my mouth!' I was in urgent need so I happily thrust my prick in his willing mouth and he sucked greedily. I wanted to enjoy every moment of this expert's technique so I held myself still as he worked his mouth on me giving me surges of delight that swept through my body. Who could hold back in such a situation? I certainly couldn't! He worked me to a climax and my spunk shot spurt after spurt into his open mouth, so much that it was dribbling out. I shot my final few spurts in and sat down, well satisfied by my adventure.