Written by versatile

16 Dec 2011

After finishing the kitchen ceiling, (7th July) Tom collected me from Mr k's, he told me to wait for him in the van while he checked with Mr K that he was happy with the job I'd done.

Fifteen minutes later Tom came back and off we drove back to base, 'Mr k was very happy with the way you looked after him' he said with a knowing grin, 'He's going to see what else he needs doing this week, keep up the good work'. We got back, I was given a few little jobs before I was dismissed for the day. Tom watched whilst I changed out of my overalls and cock pouch and into my day clothes.

Day 2

I remember the day very well, it was quite warm from early on, I was waiting around for ages before Tom turned up and told me Jack wanted his car washed before I did anything else. 'Get changed and I'll take you into the yard'. I slipped out of my clothes, standing there naked Tom fitted my strapless cock and balls pouch, I went to put on my overalls, 'You won't be needing those just yet' he said, 'Follow me'. I know that he has me in his pocket, so to speak. As I follow him I can feel my willy bouncing up and down in its pouch as I walk, it feels quite sexy being practically naked in front of strangers and I was glad I made sure I was as smooth as possible that morning. We go outside into the courtyard area where Jack's Range Rover is parked, there beside it is a hose, and cleaning equipment. 'I'll leave you to it', Tom said, and off he trotted. So there I was, hoseing and sponging down this car, naked except for my white pouch with the sun starting to really feel very hot on my skin, after a short while Jack came out with a bottle in his hand, quite concerned I hadn't been given any lotion to put on, 'Come here' he said, pouring the liquid into his palm and then gently rubbing it onto my back, my shoulders, and moving down onto my bottom, spending far longer than he needed to before doing my legs, turning me around so he could come up the front of my body, my thighs, tummy and chest. He was standing so close to me I was well aware of the bulge in his shorts pushing against me. My own cock stretching the material of my pouch was becoming uncomfortable, there was a sexual tension as he again spent much longer than he needed to on my tummy and shaved area, he wasn't rubbing my body now, he was stroking it, I had closed my eyes, and was allowing him to fully admire and appreciate my tanned, toned and oiled skin. 'We don't need this anymore' he said, as he removed my pouch, gently unpopping the silver stud he then poured oil onto my smooth area and now with both hands played the oil into my growing cock, balls and underneath to my bottom hole. It felt wonderful, my head was tilt back as I soaked up the sun and the sexual tension. I heared footsteps on the gravel and opened my eyes, I was sure I saw a figure move from an upstairs window but give it little thought as Tom was going about his business nearby and had interrupted the attention Jack was paying me. Jack stopped what he was doing to me, turned and walked off, mutterring under his breath.

I continued washing the car, now comfortable in my surroundings I stayed nude, if I got wet it wouln't matter. I've never before felt so free and natural.

It was't long before Tom stopped whatever he was doing, pulled up a chair and sat to watch me, I couldn't help wondering what his thoughts were but I didn't have to wait long when I suddenly realised he had removed his trousers and was sitting there, now naked himself, pulling on his very sizable cock, watching me. When he eventually caught my eye he beckoned me over, as I walked toward him I became aware two things, firstly of my cock swinging from left to right and secondly his cock made mine look quite small by comparison the closer I got. Upon reaching him I stood at his feet, his legs were open, he just pointed to the ground, I knew what was expected of me and dropped to my knees. Taking hold of his hot hard cock I pulled it to my opening mouth and sucked it as if my life depended on it being the best experience of his life. I kissed and licked his balls working up the long rigid shaft over and over again, sucking on the huge head, eventually and without any audible warning he suddenly shot his hot load into my mouth, spurt after spurt, I couldn't swallow fast enough for him, pulling his cock out of my mouth there were still two or three shots which hit my face. As his cock was subsiding he said 'that will be all, for now'. I stood up and walked naked back to washing his brother's car, with his spunk hanging off my chin I couldn't help feel a little embarrassed as I walked past Jack.

I was feeling so horny as I continued my duties that day, and I admit to being horny as I recall it, I'm going to have to continue another time.