Written by Helen

22 Nov 2010

I was delighted with the many positive comments received following my disclosure,it is heartening to know there are others with similar needs,somebody asked to hear how things turned out during my meeting with his partner,I'll come to that.

After we'd both masturbated on the first occasion and he had casually asked for another cup of tea there was somewhat of a pause in our conversation,I know that was mostly due to him needing some recovery time after cumming.He did'nt need to have an erection to have a very nice body,he was young and with the exception of a shadowing of blonde pubic hair his skin was smooth and glowing.

We sat opposite each other with our tea,I do'nt mean to pry he said but how come a good looking woman like you gets turned on watching gay men having sex,not that theres anything wrong with that,he added quickly,I enjoy watching other guys come off on each other.

I found it hard to explain it to him,I think it is the way cocks behave when they're played with,how they can go from soft and almost cuddly to being solid and sexy when they become excited,its a visual thing for me,I was doing my best.He was smiling at me as I tried to explain,I was aware that I was again opening and closing my legs as I talked to him and even though he was gay he was watching my fanny.

It was as he was telling me how he had once tried to have sex with a girl and could'nt come off inside her that his cock began to respond again,it was my turn to smile as I watched it move and again he started to open and close his legs.

I was getting orgasms as I watched it harden,it did'nt take long before his fingers were around it,I might be needing some more kitchen towel if we have much more of this conversation he said,I was hoping he would be needing more,do you want to do it again he asked,if you will I will I said,his cock looked fantastic as he stood up and went to the kitchen.

I'll need to go after this wank he said,but what I said about meeting my partner still stands,I'll come around when I've had a word with him,he can be a bit funny at times but I think you'll enjoy what we do with each other,he sat back on the chair opposite me,moving to the edge allowing his balls to hang down loose as he opened his legs wide apart,I spread my legs wide apart my fingers already playing hard with my clitoris.

I'm going to bring myself off quickly he said,I sometimes like a really quick wank,he already had the kitchen towel ready to catch his emission.He leant back slightly as he wanked himself with increasing speed,I did envy him,I would love to be able to do that,to have a cock,to feel it in my hand,to feel my cum as it ejaculated.

I was enjoying massive orgasms,he watched my hand intently as he wanked,then again he pushed his cock downwards and forwards as he brought himself off.

Not as much cum this time but then I was'nt expecting as much,it looked whiter,it was beautifull fresh cum.He continued to wank himself slowly as he lay back onto the chair his cock already beginning to fade,I found myself doing the same as my body felt it had orgasmed to a halt.

He stood up and cleaned himself with the towel,I'll have to go he said,I've really enjoyed this,I thought I'd just be collecting the catalogue,he was still completely relaxed.Just watching him put his little white briefs back on adjusting his cock inside them was almost turning me on again.

Have you found the catalogue he said,I was still naked as he left,see you shortly he said,you have a lovely body,as he closed the door behind him I thought,so have you,I wondered if he'd come back.